Friday, June 5, 2009

Again With the Beads?

Honeypot tigerseye Holy Smokes!
Me believing that the bead aisle at Micheal's was a dangerous place should indicate how unprepared I was for the reality that is Bead Works.

Although you think I would have been, from my two little visits to Just Bead It! up in Lake Placid.

Anyway, I went to Bead Works' Norwalk location during my lunch hour yesterday.

Yeah, it counts as one of those places you can't just "pop in" during your lunch hour. Especially since I hadn't been here before, because that meant I had to do a full circuit looking at all the pretty, shiny stuff before I could make any selections.

However, having a limited amount of time also allowed me to escape fairly quickly with only a $12 purchase.

The main goal was the beads you see above.

This looked much better when the yarn was still in a hank, but I lost my head and rolled it yesterday, so you'll just have to use your imagination.

Here, Kitty Kitty
The yarn is my Honey Pot Cat's Pajamas yarn from Lucy Neatby. The beads are a string of Tiger's Eye chips and a string of shell chips.

My original idea was the Tiger's Eye, but then I thought the shell looked really good. So I asked the opinion of the young lady at the counter. She said the shell really popped and looked the best.

Then, like a good sales rep., she suggested I get both and mix them.

As that thought had already crossed my mind, I didn't need much urging.

I asked whether she thought the holes would be big enough for the yarn.
She admitted they probably didn't have anything the correct size, aside from seed beads. But seed beads aren't as fun, so I decided to take my chances.

There were also a number of strings of green beads, which went with it surprisingly well. But they also gave the yarn a decidedly green cast, that was kind of weird and the wrong direction, so I skipped them too.

Oooh, what are you making?heart st marker
I'm plotting a shawl with the beads along the edge, but that might be the last you hear and see of it for a while. I'm feeling ambitious and full of myself and I'm thinking I might try to submit it to a few of the magazines. But most of them don't want the design to have appeared anywhere else first!

I also bought two loose beads.

One I've already put into action, although not very expertly. You will see more about that one on Monday.

The other is this little black heart with an attractive iridescent pattern that you see here. I've paired it with two of my hematite beads and am going to make a stitch marker with them.
I didn't have time to bend the wire on the headpin this morning. In case you are wondering, it did fit on my red wire, it just didn't look as good.

I also looked for beads that I might use on the Seashell socks I'm eventually going to design. But I decided the yellow beads I have left over from Sundae will work. I'd been thinking pink, but none of the pink beads worked and blue might have been the wrong direction.

Frothy Yellow Thing update
baru handsomThere is a gratuitous picture of Baru looking handsome for you to admire.
Don't let him fool you, two seconds before I took this he was eating the grass. sigh.

Anyway. My mom called yesterday all excited because she had just received the Frothy Yellow Thing in the mail.

As I expected, she loved it precisely because it IS a frothy thing. She actually asked if there was any yarn left because she wanted a BIGGER one.
This request elicited a little groan of pain from me and she dropped it.

Talk To Me
commentscreenSo I've received some good feed back on my first book review which I wrote on Wednesday.

Good because everyone has liked it! LOL.

I stopped at the yarn store on the way home yesterday because, for some bizarre reason, I don't seem to own a size C crochet hook.
This lack is incomprehensible to me and I suspect that now that I've bought one any previous ones I've owned will suddenly materialize.
I also can't find my D hook, but I know for a fact I own one of them and refuse to buy a new one.

Cynthia told me she had to jump through a million hoops and create and ID in order to leave me a comment on the review.

This surprised me since I thought I had my comments pretty wide open.

So I checked my settings, then went to the effort of downloading a new, alternate web browser that doesn't know me or my cookies or my IDs and I left myself a comment.

And I am wide open. (hmm, that doesn't sound good.)

When you click on the "comment" link at the bottom of a post, the screen changes and the right hand part of it should resemble the screen shot you see above.

If you have a Google ID you can enter it, and the system might even capture it.

If you have an Open ID, you can click that radio button and will get the log-in fields there.

If you don't have either of those ID, and don't want to create one, you can click one of the other two buttons.

"Name/URL" will open two field where you can, uh, enter your name and your website address. This will allow people to click on your name in your comment and go straight to your blog or whatever. Baring one of the two official IDs, this would be preferable since it allows me (and my other readers) to find out a little about you.

"Anonymous" should be self explanatory, but I've come this far. You don't have to enter any identifying info, you just type your comment.

In all cases you do still have to do the "word identification" challenge, which helps weed out spam by making you prove you are a human.

Sooo, if you haven't left me a comment in the past because you didn't have/want a Google ID, don't be shy!
Of course, I reserve the right to delete any comments that I deem obnoxious, offensive, or otherwise unacceptable at my sole discretion and measured by my capricious standards!

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  1. First and foremost, we deserve a picture of Mom with the Frothy Yellow Thing on!!! :)

    Secondly, I couldn't help but "notice" that you purposely planned to go to the bead store (during lunch no less). I am henceforth packing up all my beads and sending them to you!!! he he

    Seriously, though, I LOVE the Cat's pajamas and I can't wait to see what you come up with. Please don't torture us too long!!!!