Thursday, June 18, 2009

Brainless Bamboo Shawl

bamboo shawl start Because having just one project on the go is beyond my capabilities, I also cast on for this shawl on Friday.

This is my other project for the trip. I'm not sure how far I'll be able to get on the Talking To Socks. I suppose I could use general sock sizing guidelines, but it would be nice if I could get him to try them on so we can be sure they'll fit. However, I doubt there will be time for sock fittings during the conference.

I brought this shawl as a back-up project. It's just garter stitch with an increase at the start of every row. Simple, nothing to write down or track.

The yarn is Bamboo from Southwest Trading Company and I'm using a US11. I bought the yarn at Stitches East the last time it was in Atlantic City.

I went with mom and Aunt K. We just went to the market place. They seemed to be having a contest to see which of them could slip me the most $5 bills. It was pretty cool. I saw this and had just enough money for it.

I think I was thinking "hat" when I bought it. Which obviously didn't happen. Then it languished in my stash with me thinking, "Why on earth did you only buy one?" I finally decided a triangular shawl would be the way to go. Just use it all up and any size it winds up should be fine.

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  1. Liking that Bamboo! Also, now I see your new SOS 09 button. Must go get one! :)