Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Samson flower The problem with blogging during my lunch hour at work is that when I get really busy, I don't feel like I should be goofing off blogging.

Good grief, I did a better job of blogging last week when I was on my business trip and didn't even have internet acess!

Yeah, if all those posts seemed a little short for me it's because I pre-loaded them on Saturday. hehehe. Apparenlty Boss Man was like "WTH?!" when he saw the one on Tuesday because he knows I don't have a laptop and I was supposed to be working (which I was).

So after traveling for the week, then being up at the in-law's for the weekend for Father's Day, I've just fallen behind.
Baru tired
I will try to muster something up tonight. Otherwise, maybe you will never hear about Florida.

In the mean time, admire my adorable, tired puppies. My in-law's have a BIG yard, very convenient for running high energy puppies into the ground. :-)

That is Samson, above, stopping to smell the flowers. Baru, right, is up to no good, probably getting ready to pounce on Samson.

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  1. HA! At least you are blogging. I can't be bothered to take a picture lately!!

    Hi puppies!!