Monday, July 13, 2009

More Cotton Rib Sock

Opal cotton sock leg The Opal Cotton Rib Sock is moving along. (color #2091 in case you were wondering.)

Really unique and descriptive name I've given this pair, isn't it?

Since the pattern for the last pair of Cotton Rib Socks that I was intending to follow is basically nonexistent, I decided to go with a Cuban Heel on this pair.

Mix things up a bit from the garter edge heel stitch flap I've been obsessed with lately.

There was a brief moment when I thought I couldn't do it. I prefer to have a purl stitch on either side of the heel increases. I think they set the heel off nicely and made it stand out.

Well, when I found the center stitches of the back of the sock, they were a pair of purls. Remember, you start the heel by increasing before and after the center two stitches.

I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to adjust the ribbing so it would stay correct but also allow me to have purls where I wanted them.

Then I realized, silly girl, that I can shift the "center" of the sock in either direction two stitches so it would fall out the way I wanted. I mean, really, come on, just because the start of the round was in the same place for the last 60 rows doesn't mean it has to remain there.

After all, until I start the heel shaping, it's just a uniform tube of knitting!

So that's what I did.

Now every needle starts and ends with a single knit stitch, as opposed to starting with k2 and ending P2 as I usually do, so I have to be vaguely alert.

At this point the heel is turned and I'm ready to start the foot. I've decided to go with a Princess Sole again. I just think it's nicer for the cotton yarn, which doesn't have quite the squish factor wool does.

Sock Abuse
The Guy in the Art Department informed me his cats love his new socks. And one has gone so far as to steal a sock and carry it around like a prize.

After I recovered from my swoon, I informed him that if he can't be a responsible sock owner I would have to take them back.

He assured me the socks are unharmed and the humans are alert to the situation and ready to respond. These are the same cats that dropped their Cascade 220 Catnip Mice in their water and food bowls, so there is cause for concern.

The assaults apparently started as soon as the socks entered the house.

He wore the socks Friday and the cats went rooting through the laundry basket to get them.

Then the socks were washed and laying out to dry and one cat made the effort of climbing onto furniture it never climbs on to get the socks.

One would think that washing removed any scent of Samson and Baru, so it must be the sheepy goodness the cats are after.

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  1. Um..... The Guy in the Art Department may want to re-think his pet situation... he he