Thursday, October 8, 2009

Arbitrary Lines

baru handsom So someone left me a comment on my last post that flustered me when I read it.

I don't get many comments, so each one is precious, and it's surprising when one might be a little negative.

Or, maybe it's not negative, it's just a different world view.

They wrote:
You draw the line at wearing fur when you think it's OK to kill your dogs for their fur. If not, then why rationalize using the fur of another creature that was killed. Sheesh
I realized they were commenting on the fox fur on that hoodie I liked. And I thought, "Goodness! Why are they so mad at me?" And, "How should I respond? Should I respond?"

So I went back to my post and saw that I wrote:
And, shoot, I wear leather, so where does one draw the line?
Making the comment perfectly legitimate, since I had invited dialogue. Silly me.

In the interest of fair play, I share with you my gut response when I first read that comment.

I wouldn't kill my dogs for their meat, but I still love to eat steak and lamb.

Does that make me a hypocrite?

I wonder if the person who left the comment is a vegetarian?
Samson 1109
I guess it is an arbitrary line I've drawn. My puppies are off limits, but bad luck for the rabbits and ducks we ate in France.

Hmm, I eat rabbit. That is an argument in favor of going with the real fur on the hoodie. Can you eat fox? Does it taste like chicken?

Of course, one could be socially conscious and use Fun Fur instead. I actually have a few balls of red and orange in stash. And a green one, I think.

Do you stop to think about where your leather jacket or that nice steak dinner came from? Or does contemplating it fill you with despair?

Oh, and in case you are wondering, if we did have to eat the puppies, we'd start with Baru (up there at the beginning of the post). He's much stockier than Samson (In the green room), so we'd get more meals out of him. We'd probably have to braise or stew him. How tough is puppy meat? He's pretty lazy, so he shouldn't be too tough.

What? Every family is supposed to have a plan in case of emergency.


  1. I really enjoyed your answer to the comments by Sheesh...Like religion and politics.... vegitarianism, veganism, and carnivorism and even cannibalism are all a matter of choice and I don't feel anyone should foist their own choices on others. Well, maybe not cannibalism.bifibl

    By-the-way...I'm glad you remember what a hard time you gave me over rabbit fur jackets!!!

  2. Found you through Ravelry, yup another knitter here ;-)

    Nope not hypocritical. Fox meat is edible but I doubt it would be very tasty unless you like really gamey meat. We are lucky in that we raise and process our own pork and lamb and have access to local beef.

    Never thought about emergency plans but I guess we would be ok then as we have the horses ;-)(hoping the anonymous poster realises that the last comment was a joke)

  3. hey annie um... i dont think its a good idea to eat fox or anything about dogs love the stories of the puppies. love ur neice on ur moms :)