Thursday, October 15, 2009

Clever Puppy

baru handsom About a month ago, Baru and I were playing fetch with his snowman shaped Kong. You can see it in this picture.

It took a wild bounce, as Kongs do, and went into the ravine on the high side near the sticker bushes.

He ran in to get it. Emerging with his octagon shaped Kong instead, which I hadn't even realized was missing.

It was like a puppy magic trick.

The overgrown brush is so thick in that area that I couldn't see the missing Kong. And there was no point in trying to send Baru back in to "get the toy" because he already had a toy.

Baru doesn't discriminate between one toy or the other. There is no point in telling him to "get the dolphin." Everything is just a "toy."

Samson will discriminate a bit. He will "get the ball" and he will "get the bootie" and he will "get the toy." However, he is a fetch snob and will only fetch balls.

Baru will fetch anything. This is helpful for times when they smuggle plush toys out to the yard. If Baru is aware of it he will get it for me, even if he wasn't the one who carried it out.


As I had hoped when the Kong first when missing, the invasive species that border the yard are dying back with the advent of autumn. Last night I was dumping the kitchen compost bucket into the compost bin. As I looked along the fence line I was able to spot the bright red shape!

Baru in snow (here is Baru from 2007 with the octagon Kong)

It was resting on a ledge that was not easily accessible to bi-pedal creatures such as myself.

I found a long, thin fallen branch and began beating down the vegetation in an attempt to get a better look at the toy and perhaps drag it up to the yard, or know it down into the ravine.

Suddenly, Baru appeared (I'd left the screen door unlatched so he was able to push his way out) and made his way into the undergrowth, aiming for the end of my branch.

There was a whole world of possibilities in this situation.

I said, "Good boy, Baru! Get the toy!" and tried to position the end of the branch near where I thought the Kong was.

Well, first he tried to get the branch. Which sort of made sense, but was silly because this thing was longer than I am tall.

So I said, "Over to your left, Baru. Get the Kong!" Which was silly because he doesn't speak that much English.

I guess he realized the branch wasn't happening, and started to just hang out and look around. Then I could tell by his body language that he had spotted the Kong. So I said, "Good boy! Get the toy!" Because that is English he does understand.

And he crept forward, pushing through the plants, and grabbed it! It was so exciting.

I went to the hole in the fence to meet him. We did a little celebration dance while I heaped him with praise, and told him he was a smart puppy. He doesn't hear that much because he's usually dumb as a box of rocks.

Samson saw us having a party without him and started barking at us from inside the house. He can open the door just as well as Baru can, he just doesn't like to.

We had to go inside then, because Samson was causing a ruckus. It was dinner time anyway. But at least both Kongs are safe inside now.

Hubby's Sweater?
I've just told you a heartwarming story about my little doggy and you're worried about a sweater?

Listen, it's a plain stockinette stitch sweater. What do you expect me to tell you about it?

Actually, it's moving along faster than I anticipated. Probably because it is plain stockinette stitch. I think it also helps that the Zara yarn is soft and springy, as opposed to say the cotton for my Stella blouse. I can knit with the Zara longer without it upsetting my hands. Well, aside from the two-tone stuff.

The piece is currently 9 inches long (the goal is 26) and I'm into the fifth color. I have to post the color sequence here or in my Ravelry notes. I'm worried I'm going to loose the piece of paper I wrote it on, then I'll be up a creek.

I really need to take a picture of it for you, now that most of the colors are involved.

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  1. I love the heartwarming tale about the puppy because I have a cute but dumb as rocks dog too.

    Boris likes to sneak is "blankie" outside where it promptly becomes weed cove.