Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hubby's Sweater: No Honyemoon


Hubby's sweater is going to be the death of me.

Or at least this two color ribbing will be.

I hadn't expected to get fed up with it until I was into the miles and miles of stockinette stitch for the body (despite the excitement of changing colors for the stripes).

I had to fix four (4!) mistakes in the first two rows of ribbing. Including ripping out the entire second row twice. In fact, I probably ripped it out a total of three times, considering I had to go back halfway twice as well.

Do you see how incredibly talented I am?

And I guess I'm just not accustomed to doing two handed colorwork, because it's killing my wrists.

I have to relax and adjust my posture and wrist positions. But it's hard with the slippery addis and not being accustomed to tensioning yarn with both hands. I mean, I can tension yarn with my left hand, that's how I do it when I crochet, but it's a different kind of concentration.

I knit for like two hours last night and only have an inch of ribbing to show for it. I'm supposed to have three inches before I start the body.

I wish there was a way to knit all the ribbing to get it out of the way then I'll just have to do the plain portions.

Well, I guess there is. I'm going to cut the yarn at the end of the ribbing anyway. I can just put it on scrap yarn.

But I'm worried doing that much ribbing all at once will put me out of commission for a week.

This is a good reminder about the importance of stretching and taking breaks!

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