Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stupid Hat Redeemed

Still no pictures of the hat.

In the previous post about the hat, someone (possibly my mom?) suggested finishing the prototype hat with different yarn, since I ran out of the handspun Wakefield yarn.

This had not occurred to me at the time. I suppose it would be possible. Well, it would be possible, no "supposing" about it. I don't think I have yarn of the same gauge, but how much would it matter since it's just the top of the hat?

Ms. Create suggested using the tube as a cowl instead.

This hadn't occurred to me either. Bit of tunnel vision when a project doesn't work out the way I want? I tested it this morning while I was waiting for the pups to come back inside. It doesn't look like it will work in the tube's current state.

This version of the hat actually fits me. Nice and snug. I thought the fabric might stretch enough for me to pull it down anyway, but the cast on is a wee bit tight.

So I tossed it back on top of the dining room credenza in disgust.

Alpaca Hat
The second attempt out of the recycled alpaca yarn has met a slightly better end. (which still sounds gruesome.)

I was knitting it, trying to decide if I really should just forge ahead knowing it was too big. I put it on to contemplate the situation from a new angle.

Putting on my thinking cap?

Hubby asked what I was doing.

I explained the situation. Then, even as I was digging myself out from under my knitting debris in order to attack him with the unfinished hat, he said, "I bet it would fit me."

Proving that great minds think alike (or we're really in tune). It did indeed fit him.

Then he remembered the hat was his scarf in a former life. At which point he claimed the hat for his own.

This allowed me to finish it with a clear conscience.

Still Cranky
However, it's not all sunshine and puppy dogs.

I had to dip into the second ball of yarn to work the last two rows of the hat. How rude! Of course, this is overlooking the fact that I have an entire second ball of yarn.

I'm not sure what to do with it. I was considering forging ahead and trying to make a smaller hat, but then Hubby and I would have matching hats. We're cute, but we're not gross like that.

Fingerless mitts occurred to me. But that would put me back in the lots of friction causing pilling issue that started the whole hat business in the first place.

Setting out to make a cowl occurred to me. However since the yarn makes my neck prickle I wouldn't be likely to use it.

Also, Hubby has revealed that he might not wear the hat in public! At first he was all excited about it, but the lighting wasn't very good and the hat wasn't done. He was even talking about how students who saw the original scarf are in his class again (he teaches sophomores and seniors) and he could show them the hat.

Then he saw the finished hat in good lighting and started wavering. I think the main issue is the picot cast on I used. If I'd known the hat was going to be for a boy I would have used a regular cast on. He's been tucking it up inside. He's being a bit cagey. He hasn't actually said the hat is too feminine. I'll have to corner him on that, I thought the design was unisex.

Oh well. He's been wearing the hat around the house. It's still getting worn/used. And that will also delay the need to turn on the heater. So I probably shouldn't complain.

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