Thursday, October 14, 2010

KFI: Katia Rizos Scarf

DSC07360 The second yarn I received was Katia Rizos.

This is another novelty yarn with a construction that reminds me of a cross between a tape and a ladder yarn.

As you can see, the bottom 3/4 of the yarn, which is on the right in this picture, is wee feathery strands supported by parallel binders. The top 1/4, which you can't see well, is spaces formed by little squares of the feathery strands.

It's all very secure.

For this yarn you knit into the loops at the top of the strand. Once again, it is easier than you would expect from just looking at it. Because I'm very helpful, I've made you another video.

[Edit Nov. 21, 2010: This pattern is available on the KFI website.]
To a degree, Rizos was easier to work with than the Triana because the loops were already open and available. It wasn't necessary to spread the tape or search for the loops like with the Triana. On the other hand, the Rizos isn't as flexible as the Triana, so it was necessary to stay closer to the tips. But don't let that scare you. It wasn't like working with hard cotton. It didn't hurt my hands at all.

The pattern says something about skipping a loop every second stitch or something that made me go "eh?" When I tried to follow that directive I thought it was all a bit too loose and not ruffly enough. So I alternated between working every loop and every other loop. Sometimes I would work two stitches then skip a loop for the third stitch. Sometimes I skipped a loop for every stitch.

It was pretty freeform. I think it did influence how much the tape ruffled and was rather pleased with the results.

Rizos scarf close The finish scarf is remanicent of a feather boa, without all the shedding and fly away bit. At the risk of sounding silly, I think it's a little more sedate than the Triana scarf. So if you're in the market for a quick, fun scarf but don't want to be too flamboyant, Rizos might be the yarn for you.

Again, the pattern will be available on the Knitting Fever Inc website later this year and the yarn should be in US stores in November 2010. According to the Katia website Rizos comes in 10 colors, but I haven't heard how many KFI intends to bring over.


  1. Very nice and thank you for your advice with the yarn. How many stitches did you cast on for your scarf. A friend & I are going to do this as a knit along.


  2. Hi Diane!
    I followed the free pattern available on the KFI website.

    That pattern calls for casting on 8 sts.

  3. What happens when you come across a knot in the middle of your work how do you deal with it.

  4. Hi GerryMire!
    I would suggest you untie the knot, leave a little tail, and hold the old strand double with the new strand for several stitches while you knit.
    That should secure the ends since it's not a slithery yarn.
    The ruffles should hide it.