Thursday, October 14, 2010

KFI: Rhinebeck Walk With Me Contest

Tirua purple I've been bragging quite a bit about the yarn windfall I received in the form of all the KFI sample yarns.

Speaking of Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy!

It recently occurred to me it might be a good idea to appease the Yarn Fates and maintain my good yarn karma by sharing my good fortune.

And if I can score some more fans for the KFI Facebook page in the process so much the better.

Clever Idea
As you know, I'm going to Rhinebeck this weekend. Just me and mom.

Since KFI doesn't sell directly to consumers they don't have an official presence at the fair. I'm just attending as a yarn lover, although I will be slinking around looking for garments made with KFI yarn which people will hopefully let me photograph and post on the FB page.

I thought it would be fun to work my trip to the fair into a contest.

What I'm going to do is wear a pedometer to track how far I walk. The person who guesses how many steps I take or gets closest without going over will win that lovely skein of Tirua by Ester Bitran you see at the top of the post.

(Directions on how to enter are at the bottom of this post.)

Yarn Selection
Deciding which yarn to use as a prize was a hard task.

I was able to eliminate a large swath at once because they were low yardage single balls.

I debated over some of the bulky yarns with decent yardage that seemed large enough for a hat or cowl, but ended up eliminating them as well since they might have been pushing the one skein project envelope.

Finally I settled on the Tirua. It's a wool/acrylic blend, 3.5 sts/inch, with a healthy 163 yards. I think that should be enough for a cowl or such. I did a search on the gauge/yardage combination on Ravelry and came up with over 1,000 projects.

Hints To Help Your Guess
The official fairground website says it's a 162 acre facility. I'm pretty sure the vendor area of Rhinebeck doesn't cover all those acres. I'm pretty sure a large majority of them are taken up by the open space surrounding the fairgrounds proper that are used for parking.

Mom and I are planning to be at the fair all day Saturday (9-5) and half the day Sunday (10 to noon or so). [It's going to be a four hour drive and I want to get home at a decent time.]

I plan to put the pedometer on when I get dressed in the morning and take it off when we get back to the hotel at night. This means it will be counting my steps when we go to breakfast, walking through the parking lots, and attending the Ravelry party Saturday evening, as well as the time we're actually at the fair visiting vendors and exhibits.

I have the pedometer set for a 24 inch stride. I reached this number by randomly stopping when walking across my kitchen and then measuring the tiles. Keep in mind I might walk slower at the fair than I do under normal circumstances. I don't know how that will affect the count.

To keep things honest I'll post a picture of the pedometer Saturday night then reset it for Sunday morning. I'll post a second picture Sunday afternoon when I'm back at the car ready to head home. The combination of those two numbers will be the total.

That's why I have 7 p.m. Saturday (based on the FB time stamp) as the cut off time for guesses. If you guess after I post the picture you'll have an unfair advantage.

Oh, it's just like one of those "guess the number of jelly beans in the jar" games!

How To Enter
You must enter your guess as a comment on the KFI Facebook wall by 7 p.m. EDT on Saturday, Oct. 16 (2010). Guesses left on my blog won't count since the goal is to get more fans. :-)

If you're already a fan you are all set to enter. If not, you'll have to "like" us first. See how clever I am? (If you don't have a Facebook account, I'm sorry, you can't play.)

Your guess should be the number of steps you think I'll take (not miles, miles seemed too easy).

The first guess (by the FB time stamp) with the correct number of steps, or the first guess that is closest without going over, will win.

Simple? Walk on!

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