Wednesday, April 20, 2011

KFI: Trellis Mitts KAL—The Pattern!

Trellis mitt 2 Knitters! Start your needles!

I have posted the pattern to Ravelry. You don't have to be a member to access it. Download Now.

It is a 5 page PDF with one picture. The charts are on page 5.

I made the mitt to fit my 7" circumference hand, but it will stretch to comfortably fit a 8" circumference hand.

I suggest you make it with zero to negative ease so the lace pattern will open up and be visible.

If you want to make it bigger you can add a few stitches.

The smocking is in multiples of 4 stitches.

The pattern calls for a 48 st cast on. The next size up to make the smocking work would be 52 sts.

You can hide the extra stitches in the ribbing on the palm. Just remember your stitch count on each needle has changed.

If you do add stitches you might want to adjust the thumb hole placement instead of following my directions blindly.

I have you place the thumb holes 3 sts away from the design on the back of the hand. When you are ready to make the thumb, try the mitt on and see if you like where the thumb will end up. Is the pattern straight? Is it centered?

It sounds weird, but it will make sense when you can actually try it on.

If you do move the thumb remember to write down how many stitches in from the pattern it is so you can adjust the second mitt as well.

I've started a discussion thread for the KAL on the Ella Rae Facebook page for questions and chatter.

I've also started a discussion topic in the KFI group on Raverly. I'm hoping to keep the discussion confined to Facebook so questions and answers are easy for everyone to find, but I realize not everyone is on Facebook.


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