Thursday, April 28, 2011

Poor Socks

Shrunk socks Hubby and I ran off to Park City, Utah, for a week over March break. I did not mention it because it was during my blogless time. The only hint of it you had was the picture of the stitch markers I made when we got home.

While we were gone my mom came up to puppy sit, as she does. This was a much bigger deal since we live eight hours away now instead of just 3.5 or 4 hours. We were very appreciative of her doing this because we didn't have to kennel the poor pups.

While she was here she got a little bored, which is understandable, and kindly did some laundry for me.

My Girlfriend's Cable Socks survived being washed, but slipped through into the dryer. Where they promptly shrank.

On the bright side the red Jitterbug socks did not pay a visit to the dryer.

Anyway. As soon as I saw them I knew something was wrong and as soon as she answered the phone mom knew why I was calling and confessed everything.

Soaking socks Not want to just toss them, I made a rescue attempt.

Someone on Ravelry had a war-time solution: "Dissolve 3 oz epsom salts in boiling water; add sufficient cold water to cool and the make the solution up to
about 2 gallons. Soak garment for 2 hrs., then pull it into shape, squeeze gently and dry."

Well, I didn't want 2 gallons of liquid, so I used a smidge of epson salt in 2 Quarts instead. Then I forgot about them so instead of soaking for 2 hours I ended up soaking for 2 Days. oops.

Much stretching and cussing ensued. In the end I managed to jam my feet back into them. I let them air dry for a day but noticed they were starting to shrivel up again so I jammed them on and wore them to bed while they were the littlest bit damp.
Saved socks For that week I was able to wear them around the house as slipper socks.

That can be hazardous to a pair of socks health, but I figured they are kind of half out the door as it.

I was feeling pretty pleased about having rescued them. Until this past weekend.

After wearing them for a week I felt obliged to wash them.

Cold water, gentle cycle, air dry all as usual.

They shrank down again. Can't get them on my feet.

It didn't occur to me they would revert so I had not manipulated them while they were damp.

It's very sad. I don't think I have the energy to go through the effort to revive them again.

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