Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Messed up those sleeves

Hmmm, I don't know how to rotate a picture I uploaded using the mobile app.

Oh well, you get the idea that it's an in-progress sweater body and sleeves.

Wow, those colors are not accurate at all. That's what happens when you take pictures at night.

Two mistakes have been made on the sleeves, which might tempt you to say is proof I have a lot to learn from the Master Knitters program. However, these mistakes are more from lack of planning and inattention rather then lack of skills.

I'm following my Schleppy Sweater pattern. I found coordinating green yarns all in the same weight (DK).

The body was worked in stripes of 15 rows each. I stopped the body at the underarms and then started working on the sleeves.

The 15 row stripes continued on the sleeves and that is where things went wrong. You see that both the body and the sleeves are not at the same yarn. The problem is the sleeves should be 16.5" long and are currently only 12.5" long.

I suppose this means I should have worked wider stripes on the sleeves. Or narrower so I could move through the sequence more quickly.

Either way, you won't be surprised to read that I'm not going to rip them out and rework them.

No, I think I'll restart the stripes. I'll work 15 rows, or as many as I can, with the cuff yarn, then more stripes in the faux Fair Isle. That should bring me to about the correct length. After that I might work a few rows in the yarn to match the body just because I can.

In the end I suppose it will be fine.

The second mistake I made is less noticeable. I placed stitch markers to designate where the increases for the sleeves will be. Instead of keeping the increases lined up in the center of the sleeve around the end of the round I kept working them inside the stitch markers. This caused the increases to continually shift out around the sleeves.


Well, the increases are mostly on the bottom of the sleeve, i.e., on the under arm. So, once again, I'm not ripping out!

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  1. I'm not seeing the messup but it's hard to come into the middle of a project. Good luck.