Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Frothy Yellow Thing

frothy yellow thing With the Heart Harf completed and the Damn Doily progressing nicely, I was suddenly struck by the desire to start a new project on Friday night.
I wanted something on big needles, which would work up fast, and give me a different hand position.
This desire for a new project almost drove me to start the baby blankets for my cousins, but I managed to avoid them once again!
Actually, the blankets wouldn't have fit the bill. They would have taken too long, and with the fatigue in my wrists already, the crochet would have done me in.
After pulling out the supplies for three knitting and two crochet projects, I ended up settling on this weird little yellow thing.

It's a What?
The pattern is the Quicksilver Collar from the book Exquisite Little Knits.
Worked on a US10 needle (hey! That counts as big for me!)
I used Trendsetter Yarns Perla, which is the yarn called for in the pattern.
I started it Friday evening and finished it Monday afternoon.

And You Made it Why?
If it strikes you that this project doesn't fit in with my normal behavior in any way, shape, or form, you would be correct.
Ok, stick with me.
A few years ago Artyarns came out with color coordinated silk yarn and silk mohair yarn. They were two separate skeins. Now they seem to mainly come already plied together, like my beautiful Mohair Splash yarn.
(Shoot, now why didn't I think of that on Friday night? Oh, right, I wanted something I didn't have to think about.)
There was a nice green color that I thought would suit my mom. But in a rare moment of magnanimity, I let her choose her own colors.
She walked around the store and selected yellow silk and the matching mohair—and this beastly ball of Perla.
The Perla didn't go with the other two (luxury) yarns at all, so I tossed it aside and made her a garter stitch scarf cast on longways of alternating striped of the other two. She wears it all the time.
So this Perla has been in my stash since then.
I actually tried to make this little collar once before. But I couldn't get past the first two rows for the life of me because it was so hard to tell the difference between an actual stitch and the fringy stuff caught around the needle.
For some reason this time, it all clicked into place.
I would say the hard part about this project was the yarn—it was hard to see what was going on, and sometimes it would get caught up on itself.

The finished project is a weird little semi-triangular thingy. In the picture I have it tied in the back with all the slack back there.
I put it on when I finished it and Hubby was like, "Is that what it's supposed to be?" And I was like, "Yeah, I think so."
Considering my inability to make it to the post office in a timely fashion, mom will probably come for a visit before I manage to mail it.

Call Me Crash
Max bashed You know I wanted to lead with the car story, but this is ostensibly a knitting/crochet blog, so I figured I should stick with the fiber!
Remember two weeks ago when the sedan broke down on me during my drive home?
Well, on Friday I got into a car accident!
I was turning left through an intersection. I had seen a car parallel parked, but didn't think anything of it—until she pulled out and clobbered me on my back passenger door.
Fortunately, I'm fine and she took full responsibility.
After calling the police, I called Hubby. "Um, I was just in a car accident. But it wasn't my fault! It wasn't my fault!"
He said I've been having so much bad luck with the sedan lately maybe he shouldn't make me drive it for a while.
The insurance guy is coming to do the appraisal on Thursday, then we can get it fixed.
Happily, the rest of the weekend was less eventful.
Well, aside from Samson freaking out during the two thunderstorms on Sunday (morning and evening).


  1. So sorry about your car. I'm glad you weren't hurt! And, what the hell is that yellow thingy? ;)

  2. i thought i heard something about your car. glad you're ok!

  3. I'm glad you didn't get hurt Ann! My first thought was that you were going to say you were wearing that yellow collar-thing and blinded the other driver.... :) hee hee

    Just kiddin ya -

    How are you coming on getting the Hart pattern written up for the contest?