Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Still Knitting the Harf

harf leftI have been working on it quietly in the background.
I suppose I should get a picture of it.
Since I don't have a current picture of it, I am using this old picture so you remember what it looks like.
A current picture will either be a picture of it as a blob on the table, or a funky picture of me with it on so you can see how long the scarf bits are.
Which is over 20 inches from where the ribbing ends and the rev st st beings.
The exciting thing is, I'm down to my last 33 odd grams of working yarn.
Which is actually about 15 grams on each end, since I'm working on both scarf bits at once.
Really, I should get a picture of that set up for you.
I had done some very rough estimates, based on how many cable panel repeats I got when I was using both ends of the third ball to work the scarf bits, and decided that the leftovers from the balls I used to work the hood bits should get me three more panel repeats on each end.
Yeah, I know, lost myself there too.
Geez, I should do something about that, my boss reads my blog sometimes—must keep up the illusion I can write coherent sentences.
Ok, when that third ball ran out I thought I had enough yarn for three more panel repeats.
I haven't actually counted to see if that is true, i.e. how far they gone so far.
I'm almost halfway through my current panel repeat, and I'm starting to get nervous.
If I don't make it all the way, I'm going to have to rip out this repeat and have a ton of fringe!

In Bead News
I totally didn't give you enough details yesterday about my last venture into the bead section.
Of course, the goal was a thicker wire.
I returned to the aisle where I had bought the too thin wire, but didn't see anything appropriate. I was rather disheartened, when I saw the side wall of the store and discovered what you all knew was lurking there, waiting to trap me...
A whole other section of beads!
And much fancier/nicer beads than in the first aisle, along with tons of findings, all sorts of wire!
Well, you can imagine what happened when I discovered all that shiny stuff.
Despite my resolve to just get the new wire and get out of there...
I bought some 20 gauge wire in red, since I figured if this will be my one time doing this I might as well go flashy.
Some fancy headpins as I have a vague understanding these can be used and I'd only have to bend one end.
And a wonderful, precious box of 200 hematite beads.
Hematite beads are what I was actually after the last time, when I spent all that time dithering over the strung beads.
I should take another picture of the four stitch markers I made so you can see all this stuff.
I did e-mail the teacher and she said she has time Thursday (tomorrow), but we have to nail down a time now.
Of course, now that I found the lovely hematite beads, I'm starting to wonder what else I can do peacock footwith them.
Will they go with my neglected Peacock Socks?
Hmm, no the yarn is too blue and green.
But wondering about those beads, made me think of other beads.
I have a little packet of pink pearls and clear crystals that might match the Seashell Merino Dream sock yarn, but there probably aren't enough of them to use effectively.
And maybe I should get some tiger's eye beads to go with the Honey Pot Cat's Pajama's yarn I want to make into a shawl. Would I be able to find an appropriate size?
Maybe I should reel myself in and focus on getting the Harf and the Damn Doilies done before I go running off spending money I don't have on beads I don't need.
But I can totally understand what you guys meant now.

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  1. Oh what a terrible web we weave, when first we go shopping for beautiful beads......