Friday, May 1, 2009

You Won't Believe It!

Sundae frontI finally finished Sundae!!
I even wove in all the ends!
But I haven't blocked it, which you can probably tell.
Course, I'm not big on the blocking business, but I think it would help the trim lay a little better.

To Recap
Sundae out of Rowan Classic Holiday Book 3.
The pattern calls for four skeins of Cashsoft 4ply, but I used three skeins of Cashcotton 4ply.
I got gauge on a US1 needle (!) as opposed to the US2 called for in the pattern.
And I made the XS size for a 32 inch bust, which gives me about an inch of ease, maybe none with a bra on.
And trust me, Hubby wouldn't let me out of the house without a bra on. Which is probably a good thing.

A Long Time Coming
According to my Ravelry project page, I started this on August 8, 2008, as part of the Ravelympics.
Ha!sundae back
I seem to remember whipping through it rather well, but the trim killed me. Both making it and sewing it on.
Can you say tedious?
Well, I knew I've been awfully close to being done for an awfully long time now, and I'm sick of things hanging over my head incomplete, so I sat down after work and did it.
I had the extra motivation of wanting the US1 Brittanies out of it.
Those ones I glued back together? Well the recently snapped one was a clean, straight break and it popped apart again when I held it as my left hand needle (it worked ok as the right hand needle). So I tossed it.
The other one, which was broken longer ago, actually split at an angle and seems to be holding up, but I'm not putting much faith in it.

Am I On a Roll?
Now I'm even thinking about finishing Nell!
Aside from the fact that it's 10 at night and almost bed time.


  1. Its lovely. I love the back detail.

  2. I absolutely love this, and the halter top you just queued not too long ago. I followed along.... :)