Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cute and Practical

poncho done My Solo Cropped Poncho, that is.
Although I like to think that is an accurate description of me as well.
I suppose talking about a project I completed back in December might make me look desperate for content...but then, maybe I am.
What I have been is lethargic and vaguely uninspired, which is why I haven't been around much.
Still, about my poncho.
Dudes, I've been using the heck out of this thing lately.
Now, I used it a lot when I first finished it because it was shiny and new. I would wear it under my winter coat instead of a scarf. And since it was a pretty wicked winter here, the extra layer was justified.
Then it fell out of favor for a while.
But now that early spring is here, with its changeable weather, the poncho is coming in so handy!
It's good for those cool days when I don't want a coat. And it has been good for days that start cool and get warm since it's much easier to carry around than one of my leather jackets (I haven't brought the jeans jackets down from the attic yet).
I suppose this would make it a good transition piece.

Isn't it nice when a project works out so well?
I mean, I wear my socks and fingerless mitts all the time, to the point where I hardly think about it. But for some reason it struck me the other day that my poncho is useful.
Which is a damn good thing, considering what a rough start I had with it.
What projects have you made that you use on a regular basis?

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  1. Socks are always good at my house! I wear them every day. I guess it's good that my feet don't sweat in the summer.

    I also should knit more washcloths, some mitered hand-towels (from Mason Dixon) and hot pads. I use that all up.

    But, you're making me want to knit a poncho! Has the hubby ever brought up the "mancho" again??