Monday, April 27, 2009

More About My Birthday!

Bday dinnerWe ended up bailing on the lamb Thursday night because I got home late due to an acupuncture appointment.
Instead, we went to Kobi Steakhouse, a yummy hibachi place in town.
On the way home I speculated whether Stockbridges, a local bakery that does homemade cheesecake and other delicacies might still be open. Hubby said "No" without hesitation. Which seemed fishy to me.
And my suspicions were justified when we got home and he produced Twix bars and Ben & Jerry's ice cream. He put candles in my Phish Food and sang me happy birthday. The pups jumped on me the whole time because it was all very exciting and they didn't know what was going on.
The rack of lamb was finally cooked Sunday night, along with sauted Brussels sprouts, and garlic mashed potatoes, which are hidden under the lamb since it's all about the presentation.

argyle stuff Last weekend we went out to the outlet stores to get some new shirts for Hubby for school.
Of course this always makes me jealous, because I'm a baby.
I found this shirt in the women's section and it's obnoxious preppyness was too good to pass up. Hubby agreed that is was quite "me." When I explained how well it would go with my Aaargyle socks, despite not having any purple it in, he agreed that I had to have it, especially since my birthday was coming up.
When I did get home Thursday, there was a gift wrapped box roughly the size and shape of a bottle of wine on the kitchen island.
Which didn't make sense, since wine is a gift for him.
When I opened it I found a perfume sampler pack from Victoria's Secret.
He got me one of these for Christmas a few years ago and it's tons of fun having so many scents from which to chooseperfume o in the morning.
Of course, since they are mostly new to me, the dogs are spending a considerable amount of time snuffling me while I'm getting dressed for work since they aren't accustomed to them. sigh.
On Sunday morning I put on twice shots of "Wish" and a few minutes later Hubby called up from the living room that something smelled good.
A testament to his superior nasal power, I suppose. Or the odor just stood out since it is out of the ordinary.
Mom also got me one of those Knit Kits, which was waiting for me at the store Saturday. I'm having grand fun with it, but haven't had a chance to get a picture.
And I think that should be all the birthday chatter, at least until next year.

So You Don't Believe Me?
Oh, wait, one more story.
On Friday I mentioned to The Guy in the Art Department (aka Talking To Walls in the comments) that I was 30-odd years old.
And he said, "nuh-uh"
And I said, "Yuh-huh."
And he said, "No, you're X" which was about five years younger than I actually am.
In the end I had to show him my driver's license to prove my age!
This is about par for the course though.
Once, about a year after I graduated college, my Uncle The Priest won $5 off someone who thought I was still a teenager!

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  1. OMG - I'm drooling over those brussel sprouts!! Nom Nom Nom... (p.s. twix bars and ben & jerry's isn't bad either)

    Plus, that sweater is totally you. I thought that you had made it to go with your socks until I realized hubby bought it for you.

    What a sweet man you have there!