Friday, April 3, 2009

Mine, Mine, Mine

Cat's Pajamas yarn in Honey Pot.
Isn't it beautiful?
Well, maybe not so much in the harsh florescent lights of the office.
You'll have to trust me on this.
And it's so soft and lovely....
I stopped by the store on my way home last night to drop off my Cat's Pajamas Socks.
I figured Lucy would have her own samples, but thought it would be nice for people to see how the new yarn wore, and so Lucy could see what I'd done with her yarn.
Well, wasn't I pleasantly surprised to see the front table had already been changed over for her visit, featuring her books, patterns, and yarn.finished cats pajamas
I had been expecting to get my hands on the stuff on Saturday, but when I saw it out already I thought I might as well pick it up.
After all, there is a class today and I didn't know how many skeins would get snapped up during the lunch break and the course of the day.

Decisions Decisions
I had, of course, already decided to get a skein in the Honey Pot colorway.
But when I was confronted with those two big bowls...well I started to doubt myself.
The first one I grabbed turned out to be the Celestial Merino in Honey Pot, which is the straight merino wool yarn. (Cat's Pajamas is a merino/cashmere/nylon blend.)
Now, I don't know anything about dying yarn, beyond the fact that different fibers take the dye differently.
The Celestial Honey Pot was so charming and bright that I stood there debating whether I should get it and get the Cat's Pajamas in a different color.
But that course would have led me back to Fiesta, which I don't think would be practical for a shawl. I want a subtle shawl I can wear with different outfits. I think the Fiesta would have been a bit flashy for general use.
Then I debated if I should go ahead and get a skein of Celestial in another color. I used that yarn for my Rainbow Swirl Socks and they sure are nice. And I did get a pair and a half out of that first skein, so obviously it's a good investment for me.
But I resisted.
Let's see if my resolve survives to end of day Saturday (hint, I'm already regretting my decision).

catspjHPpoolYet More Temptations
I also resisted buying one of those adorable Knit Kits. You know, those new clam shell gadgets that have a crochet hook, tape measure, row counter, scissors, stitch markers, cutter, and point protectors all in one container?
It's pretty well priced for all the stuff you get.
But I said to myself, "Technically you have all those things so you don't need it."
But, boy, it must be convenient to be able to reach into your knitting bag once and pull out all that stuff, rather than the three to four attempts it currently takes me.
Still, I suspect the Knit Kits will be easier to resist, as they'll be in stock regularly now, whereas Lucy's glorious yarn is only around when she is.

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  1. OH! It's so lovely! I want to..... pet it! My colors I think. :) Good for you Ann! I am quite jealous today!!!