Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Am a Flaming Idiot

A cautionary tail about social media.
So I was on Facebook at 7 am today, instead of getting ready for work, which was probably my first mistake.
And I saw a post from my mother-in-law about a niece being pregnant and due in December.
So I went over to Twitter and typed something along of the lines of "niece is pregnant, another baby blanket to avoid making."
Because as you know, avoiding making baby gifts is my current favorite sport.
Totally forgetting that my Twitter feeds into my Facebook.
Most of my Facebook "friends" are family members.
Including all the pregnant ones for whom I haven't started blankets.
Really need a filter between my fingers and the keyboard.

But It Doesn't Stop ThereBeads 2
Oh, my idiocy knows no bounds.
I was working on the Cotton Rib Socks over the weekend.
Remember those? I'm still plugging away at them.
I'm on the heel flap. I worked it for 20 rows, as would be my normal formula, which is work it over half the total sock stitches for the same number of rows.
In this case I had decreased the sock down to 40 sts (from 48) so my flap was across 20 sts.
I'm doing the heel stitch with a garter stitch edge, in case your wondering. Yes, I'm still fixated on it.
Well, I decide to try it on to make sure the heel flap is long enough, because those numbers seem awfully small.

Usually I can try a sock-in-progress on without a problem.
But usually I have a larger stitch count, using wool yarn, and the entire thing has more give.
The sock wasn't fitting over my heel.
I could feel it wasn't fitting.
And yet I continued to push until—snap! one of my US1 needles broke.
Now, it is a tragedy whenever a needle is broken, but it could have been worse. (Two could have broken.)
I have actually broken one of these in the past. But, as you may or may not know, Brittany has a really good guarantee and I simply e-mailed them and told them I'd broken one.
They sent me three new ones!
Which was more than I needed, but worked out really well because I had five for working socks and two are in poor, neglected Sundae for the trim.
So, really, all I have to do is fish one out of Sundae and I'm back on track.

It's Never That Simple
Since it wasn't a dire emergency, and just for grins, I got out the first broken one (pack rat? who me?) and the wood glue and glued them back together.
I let them dry a couple days, then went over the joins with clear nail polish in an attempt to smooth out any rough spots.
They seem to have lost some flexibility, which is only to be expected.
I haven't knit with them yet, the nail polish was only dry this morning.
I figure I'll give them a whirl and see what happens. If the repair didn't work, no big deal.

Oh, Sock
After the needle broke, I pulled out the other instep needle and tried it on again.
This time it went on fine and fit.
But I'm considering if I should pull it back and not decrease as much.
But then my 2x2 ribbing won't be correct.

As you can see in the picture, I also lined up the beads last night, but haven't strung any.
I have stitch markers coming out my ears now!
The worst part is I have left over little green flowers and a couple leaves, so obviously I need more beads...I hear there is a bead store in town...
It's a never ending cycle.
I tried to mix it up when I was creating them, but that is against my nature, so I made them all matchy-matchy. Much more harmonious.
Hopefully I'll have time tonight to string a couple


  1. I guess you'd better start knitting something for that baby, or the baby-mama. :} That's a pretty sweet deal on the needle guarantee. I had no idea. Thanks for the heads-up.

  2. First of all - Happy Birthday!!!

    This is why I am on Plurk and none of my family members know about it! You should go on there. We have a blast!!

    Also, I can't get my socks to go over my heel either (toe-up, anyway) when I have them on the four dpns. I say better to be a little snug than too big or, maybe not, they are cotton right? Will they shrink some? Or are they hand wash? ugh

    This is all happening to you because you won't finish Sundae you know.... just sayin - birthday girl!

    Maybe you just need more beads??? :) (which look great by the way).