Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More Scarf Stuff

CEFscarfR I dragged the camera to work with me because this taking pictures at home thing obviously wasn't working out. So my poor picture taking skills are hampered by the poor conditions, but you should be able to get the gist of things.
This first image is of the right hand side of the scarf, which is the side with the floats.
I am working from both ends of the ball, alternating working two rows with each, in an attempt to level out any color variation in the yarn.
You can sort of see that in the picture as well I guess.
This trick is more effective with two entirely different balls
of yarn. That way to you are really diluting the differences.
It is usually a method suggested when you use hand-dyed yarn to help break up any potential color pooling.
An example of which can be seen in my Purple Jitterbug Socks.
I don't usually bother to do this two strands thing since I usually use hand-dyed yarn for socks and a little pooling there doesn't bother me.
If the floaties in the top photo are eluding you, it might help to compare the edge to the one you see in the bottom photo.
This is of the left hand side, which is sans floats.
As you can see, it has little bumps going up the edge, rather than loops.
If I wasn't floating the yarn, the right hand edge would be bumpy like that as well.
I don't think the difference is terribly noticeable, at least not from a distance which would red watchrespect your personal space.
I suppose I could have made them more similar by slipping the first stitch on the return row of the left hand side. Well, I think that would do it, I'd have to test the theory.
But as the scarf is 22 inches long at this point, I've gone to far to turn back now.

By the way, I got a flashy new watch band. :-)


  1. I really like the new watch band!

  2. Always love the watches with the very nice and clear numbers. And the red doesn't hurt either!!!