Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Resistance is Futile

Me & LucySqueeee!
That's her! That's Lucy Neatby!
I don't know who the brunette in the glasses could be. But I must say that blue scarf she's wearing is adorable, even if it does need to be blocked.
As I said before, I wasn't able to attend any of her classes when she was at Knitting Central. There was some discussion of me going to the Saturday afternoon class on Double Knitting, which is probably a good technique to have someone show you, but I said I had mentally prepared myself not to attend the classes and hadn't brought supplies anyway, so I stayed in the store.
This had the unexpected consequence of making P happy, since she is the one who would have swapped out with me. She said she'd share her notes with me. I don't think she was working at the store the last time Lucy was with us.

Fan Girl? Me?
Although I didn't attend the class, I did get to visit a bit because everyone came to the store to each lunch.
Cynthia introduced me as, I believe her phrase was, "a bit of a Lucy fan."
But I managed not to embarrass myself.
At least not until after I grabbed my sandwich, sat down with everyone, and my plan to abscond with the box of yarn was brought up.
Lucy looked me over again and said she'd heard someone was holding it hostage.
But everyone at the table agreed I was taking the only sensible action in that situation. They also agreed I never would have gotten away with it.
Then Lucy explained a new hat she is working on knit from the top down. She demonstrated removing the waste yarn, finished the hat, then turned around a cast on for a new one for the trip home. Explaining everything as she went along.
It's a nice hat. The fold-up brim has those hickey-holes that are in her "Almost Saintly Socks." It reminds me of Jug Head's hat from the Archie comics. It also looked adorable on me, if I do say so myself, so I might have to make one when the pattern is available.
The gauge is quite bulky and she demonstrated this mind-bogglingly cool method for using one skein of yarn tripled, which will come in really handy if I ever get around to making that crocheted butterfly shawl from Knit.1. (and I can remember the trick when the time comes!)
Of course, time was also spent determining which bulky weight yarns in the store could be used instead of this thin yarn tripled method.

She Buys Seashell At the Yarn StoreCelestial Merino Seashell
You will not be surprised to hear that I did indeed buy a skein of Celestial Merino yarn before the day ended.
Really, I should have just bought the thing Thursday when I bought the Cat's Pajamas yarn, but it nice to pretend I have will power.
I went with this nice pastel one.
I debated getting Honey Pot again, then I'd have a matching shawl and socks, but then that seemed too cute.
And I almost got Fiesta again, because the dyelot has changed and is much more vibrate than my skein from two years ago. But that seemed silly.
I briefly considered, uh, Aquarius, but it was too similar to the Fiesta. And the Fiery Fuchsia was nice, but that is the color of my current Cat's Pajamas, and I'm trying not to duplicate.
So I went with Seashell.
I'm thinking something girly and lacy. With a picot hem and probably a Cuban Heel.
I considering my Joy of Charlene socks, but the gauge is different and might require thought on my part. I'm also thinking of the Little Bit O'Lace socks from this year's KC Sock Club, since they won't require thought.
I was thinking a feather and fan pattern, but then I'd have to work from the toe up. Which might actually work fine with a picot hem....
As I was considering all this, it occurred to me I might have enough yarn for a matching pair of fingerless mitts. Which would be adorable. Then I wondered whether I have enough left over Cat's Pajamas from my original skein to make a pair of mitts to match those socks.
Which would be cool looking mitts.
I have 40 grams left. Don't know if that will be enough. I've got it divided into two 20 gram balls. But I think I'll need my US1 needles, and they are all tied up.

This post was, apparently, brought to you by the word "adorable."

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  1. HA! I knew you were going to get that skein!!! You actually are like the rest of us! ;)

    I vote for feather and fan toe-up socks. Those would be fun to make.

    P.S. What an absolutely cute little blue scarf! I wonder where that came from??