Thursday, April 23, 2009

30-something? Really?

Green step Happy birthday to me!
Happy birthday to me!
Happy birthday, dear self...
Happy birthday to me!
Why, yes, I am shamelessly fishing for compliments, why do you ask?

I was going to tell you how old I actually am, but then I realized you could do the math and figure out my year, and that seems to be an identity theft issue, so let's just say I'm over 20 and under 40.
Which is an awfully grown up age.
And I don't feel that grown up.
It probably doesn't help that I still look 20-something.
Which allows me to get away with things, and has the added benefit of pissing people off.

In addition to the landscape socks patterns mom bought me the other week, when she was up this past weekend she brought me a DVD of The Princess Bride, which is an awesome movie and you should go watch it if you haven't seen it. I have it on VHS, which was getting inconvenient.
She also gave me that lovely sock yarn you see above.
Apparently she went into a yarn store near her and said "My daughter likes to knit socks."
I've used this brand before. I made Hubby a pair of blue socks with it. Bear's blue step socks
And I have a skein of red that I was going to use to make me socks. But then Hubby liked the color, so the poor skein has languished in my stash as I can't decide who should get it.
Now I can go ahead and use the red for Hubby (after all I have, uh, three pairs of red socks already now) and this new greenish color for me!

Today is also the Deadline Setter's birthday. How crazy is that? But she's two years younger than me.
So we had a team lunch in celebration. It was nice to get to relax and just have fun together. But we're a fun group anyway.

The Waiting is Hard
No presents from Hubby, yet.
Actually, I told him he didn't have to get me anything, since I bought all that yarn recently and we should be conserving money for our trip to France.
(See, I told you I'd stop talking about it now that he's back in school.)
But you never know.
See, while my family always gives birthday presents first thing in the morning, Hubby's does presents after dinner with dessert.
It's a bit of a conflict with the expectations set by my childhood and makes me climb the walls with anticipation, but I'm getting accustomed to it.
But here's the thing...if you ask Hubby if he wants his present in the morning he'll say no, but if you show him the present in the morning he'll tear into it. Like any normal person would.

He did not-so-subtly take a rack of lamb out of the freezer this morning, so looks like I'll be having grilled lamb tonight!
Boss Man questioned the fairness of us going to that fancy restaurant for Hubby's b-day but staying home for mine. I said not only is it a school night, but I enjoy eating Hubby's cooking laying on the couch in my PJ's watching our TV shows.
The trick is whether I'll have to do the dishes after.
Because, really, it's my birthday and I shouldn't have to do chores.
As it is, I have to stop and pick up potatoes on my way home.

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  1. Happy Birthday again from your 40-odd (definitely looking it too) friend. :)

    Paul has made me watch the Princess Bride at least 10 times. It is a great movie!

    Okay - enough of that - What did you get!!!!???