Friday, April 10, 2009

Meanwhile, Back at the Harf...

Harf detailWhen last we saw the Heart Harf, both sides had been worked through three heart cable panel repeats.
Theoretically making them even/match.
"Theoretically" being the operative word.
I pulled it out last night to give it some attention. I needed a break from the thin cotton thread for the doily.
And what should I discover?
The edge cables are not crossing on the same rows.
I was afraid this would happen.

Ok, stick with me.
They are crossing with the same regularity, i.e., every fourth row, but not on the same fourth row.
Fourth row, is that right?
Let's see...I cross them on a right-side row, then I work three rows even, then on the next right-side row—which is the fourth row—I cross them again. Ok, fourth row.

The Discovery is Made
Well, when I pulled it out last night the first thing I did was transfer the first half of the scrap yarn onto a needle. Now both halves are strung on a long cable side by side so I can work them simultaneously. No, consecutively.
I've been using movable stitch markers to keep track of my cable rows.
I cross the cable, then I clip the marker to one of the stitches. This way I can easily count up three rows and know it is time to cross again. In this manner I do not have to strain my brain when I come back to the project later.
Although both halves where worked through row 34 of the cable panel, ready to work row 35, which is a right-side row, the marker for the first half was three rows down and the marker for the second half was two rows down.
Or was it one row down?
Regardless, the first half was ready to cross on row 35 and the second half wasn't.

Not Sticking to the Plan
Originally, when I first cast on, I had debated casting on for both halves and working them up together from the get go.
But then I got distracted by trying to ensure my provisional cast on would work out.
I cast on the first half, worked a few rows, then flipped the piece over and worked a few rows down to make sure it would look ok.
By doing that, and apparently not taking notes as accurately as I thought I had, when I went to work the second half, I started out with my first cable cross on an incorrect row.
I pulled on the cast on tail and counted rows and tried to match it up to the cable panel, I really did, but obviously I didn't get it right. Which I didn't realize until it was too late.

Cascade Effect

Deep breath.
This might work out ok.
The cables are crossing with the same regularity, so they should be harmonious. And I've been worried they might both want to cross on the same row when they reach the center top of the hood and I wasn't sure how that would work out.
Hopefully, they fall out nicely now and I don't have to worry about extra flat rows or crosses too close together at the center point.
But the real issue is that the increase rows are tied to the cable crosses. The increases happen on the wrong side row immediately following the cable cross.
So the first half is an increase short.
(I have not counted to see whether both halves have the same number of crosses. I suppose they must not.)
I must have counted stitches three times on each side to confirm I was two stitches short.
Hopefully it will work out. Hopefully I'll be able to through in an extra increase on the first half without messing stuff up.
I guess I won't know until I get there.

Confusing Enough?
This is all causing a bit of a hiccup in my grand plan of working both sides at the same time now.
With the cabling and increasing happening on different rows, I'm worried I'll forget and work them incorrectly on one half or the other.
I'm wondering whether I'll be better off breaking them apart again.
At the same time, it's only 16 rows, I should be able to manage that.

On a happier note...I made a break through in the potential Seashell socks.
When I've been saying Feather and Fan Stitch, what I was thinking was the Scallop Stitch from October 15 in the perpetual calendar.
(I am only aware of one perpetual calendar stitch dictionary thingy, so I'm assuming yours is the same.)
Which explains my surprise when I found those patterns online and they weren't what I had in mind.
After checking it, I think you can understand why I had the stitches confused.
As you can see, this pattern probably won't look good cuff down. So I'd have to go toe up. But I think a picot hem will look rather nice with it.
Of course, I haven't swatched it. Haven't even rolled the skein into a ball. But at least I've got some direction now.


  1. OH! I hope the Harf works out!! I'll cross my fingers there will be no ripping in your near future! You've come so far already. :)