Monday, April 20, 2009

Full Harf Ahead

HH backAs opposed to "full steam ahead."
Although there is a full harf in my future, once I get the scarf bits knit.
Having returned to the Harf with fresh eyes Sunday evening, after having not touched it since the initial grafting was completed on Saturday, I decided that it is just fine as is.
I think the hiccups in the switch from rev st st to st st at the ribbing aren't terribly noticeable, especially without close inspection or from a distance.
So I contented myself with easing the tight spots and then getting the ends positioned to start knitting again.

Back to the Cast On
Those yellow bits you can see over my shoulder here, and the blue ones in the front shot if you trooped out to Flickr, are my sock shaped point protectors.
Remember, I used Judy's Magic Cast On for a provisional start to this project. I ended up putting the open ends on US7 double points and slapping on the point protectors to keep everything in place.
Sunday night was spent happily knitting the scarves. I'm only on row 7 of the first panel heading down.
This doesn't sound like much, but I'm working both ends at the same time.
I don't have a picture, at the moment, but trust me that it's an awful mess.
Since working both ends simultaneously isn't hard enough, I'm doing it from both ends of one ball of yarn.
Yeah, if I can't make my own life difficult why bother?
I still have yarn left over from the two balls I used for the hood section. In theory those balls are equal, since the hood halves are equal, but for some reason I didn't want to start with those.
Partly because the third and final ball is already attached to the first hood half from when I was testing out the cast on theory at the very beginning.
I figure using both ends of it will distribute it evenly to both scarves, then I can move on to the left overs from the other two balls.

Fear Not
Of course when the final pattern is released people who make it won't have to suffer like this.
I'll write the pattern so you just cast on and go, because I'll have all the numbers/stats from this crazy exercise I'm putting myself through.
How relaxing that will be for people, to knit a project like a normal person.


  1. And we will have you to thank for your genius! :)

  2. might want to watch the color of your shirt and/or the overexposure due to camera flash. it looks like you're not wearing anything but a hood. an abbreviated lady godiva, if you will.