Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Harf? What Harf?

Samson loveseatLook at my cute doggy!
Do you see where Samson is sitting?
On the loveseat.
In MY spot.
I ran to the store and when I got back he peaked over the back of the couch at me and wagged his tail as if to say, "Look how cute and comfortable I am. Are you really going to move me?"
And, of course, I didn't. I moved the green blanket instead.
Perhaps this is why he thinks he out ranks me in the pack?
Did that distract you? No? You want knitting content?

New Socks!
Eyelet and Feather
As you noticed in a post last week, the Cat's Pajamas Socks (now elegantly renamed Eyelet & Feather Socks) have been unleashed on the knitting public.
I have seven favorites so far on Ravelry and one queued (but no purchases yet, sigh).
Last week's knitting time was focused on making a sample sock for the store since I don't want to split up my original pair, as happened to my poor Rainbow Swirl Socks.
I believe I mentioned recently that I had 40 grams of Cat's Pajamas Yarn left over from the original pair? I'm not sure how much yarn the original pair took because despite my little bout of weighing all my socks and scraps I don't seem to have weighed these. However, I made a third sock just fine.
Maybe that is a reason I like Lucy Neatby's yarn, I can get a pair and a spare out of it!
In case you don't remember why the Rainbow Swirls are scattered to the four corners of the country: one original is in the dining room credenza, its mate is at the store as a sample of our Sock Club patterns, and the spare is down south for its star turn in that new sock book coming out this year.

Cubes and Cables Anklets
Then last night around 10 pm EDT, I unleashed the Cubes and Cables Anklets on the world.
I designed these socks for the February installment of the store's Sock Club.
These seem to have hit a nerve on Ravelry. So far I have 39 favorites and 10 queues, but again no purchases. Whaaa! Is $5 not a reasonable price? pout.
Oh well, at least I'm not trying to making a living at this pattern publishing business. I'm just looking to support my yarn habit and have some extra spending money.

Yes, yes, the Heart Harf
Samson squishAfter I finished the spare Eyelet and Feather Sock last week I returned my attention to the Harf.
The break was good as I was starting to get fatigued with it and was able to return energized. (What is re-energized not a real word? Is it just redundant?)
Last time I checked, which was a few rows ago, the scarf bits measured 21 inches long from the point where the ribbing of the scarf changes to the reverse stockinette stitch of the hood.
When I have it on this reaches just below my belt.
I still have 100 grams of yarn left to knit. This is what is left of the current ball I'm using as well as what is left over from the first two balls I used to knit the hood bit.
I think it will come out a rather pleasant/adequate length.
I'm vaguely debating fringe. But it will depend on where the pattern breaks when I run out of yarn.
If I run out at the end of a full panel repeat, I'll probably skip fringe. But if I'm going to run out mid panel I'll probably tink back to the last full panel and then use the left over yarn as fringe to use it up and avoid waste.
It's all very exciting this plunge into the unknown!
Ok, I'm exaggerating.

Crochet Mischief
However, I did not work on the Harf last night.
I've had a small project knocking around my brain for a while now that I've finally decided to act on. (on which I've finally decided to act?)
But I'll tell you more about that tomorrow when I should have pictures and will hopefully be done.

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  1. My dogs and cats want to come and live at your house. Actually, Paul does the same as you. Me? Not so much.

    I honestly don't think that $5 is too much for a sock pattern. Especially your Cubes and Cables pattern which introduces a whole new element in sock knitting with the Cuban heel.

    I am intrigued with the crochet mischief!! What's going on over there???? Spill it.

    (see... I didn't even mention the Harf) OH! sorry.