Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sock Statistics, or Practicing HTML

Ok, let's see if this will work. I checked my old posts and see that I already posted the weight of my leftover sock yarn, but not in such a (potentially) pretty format. Looking at my notebook, I also see that my stats are still a little incomplete, but oh well, it's the only thing I can think of to use for a list/table.

Yarn Name Amount Used Amount Remaining

  1. Blue Jitterbug 36g

  2. Purple Jitterbug 76g 34g

  3. Sol Joy 24g

  4. Sanctuary 5g

  5. Lanna Grossa 61g 39g

  6. Regia Cotton 57g 42g

  7. Celestial Merino 67g 47g

  8. Lorna Lace (bee) 63g 55g

  9. Opal 55g

Ok, so there is a little listy, charty thing I've built. Yes, I am aware Blogger has those nice little formatting buttons at the top I could have hit, but that wasn't the point.
I'm actually surprised by how much was used to make the Lanna Grossa. I could have sworn that I only dipped into the second ball for the toe of the second sock. On the other hand, those are the socks I have it in for because they seem too big now, so I might reclaim some of that yarn. (No, the yarn diet hasn't gotten to the point of cannibalizing projects. And it shouldn't for several months, if not a year.)
What have I learned from this HTML exercise?
  • No point peeking at it if you forget to put in your end tag.
  • Blogger will populate the end tag for you if you forget.
  • If you put each end tag on its own line Blogger will insert blank lines (which I didn't think was supposed to happen, and explains that big gap between the list and this text).

I haven't progressed in the book. After staring at the computer all day at work I don't feel like staring at it more at home. So the advanced tutorials will have to wait until this weekend (long weekend, yipee!). Apparently there is a tutorial for building better tables than the one to which I just subjected you.


Oh, yeah, knitting. I finished the straps for Sundae yesterday. Not sure if I'm so keen on the lace pattern over the five little stitches. I'm assuming it will look better with the edging sewn on. And I managed to start the edging before bedtime while I was knitting in bed (Hi Ms. Create!).
Actually, this is why tape measures should be used liberally, I had been tracking the strap length by folding down and comparing it to the body. Well, by the time I started the straps the body was longer than 27cm—Hello? Any part of my brain paying attention? Luckily as I settled down to start up again a little light went on. When I measured they were just at 27cm. I would have been really annoyed if I had made them too long!
I ended up driving in this morning, so future knitting progress will be confined to this evening after dinner.

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  1. Ha Ha Ha!! Isn't it great knitting in bed? Although sometimes it does become an issue as to when I'm actually going to get out of it on the weekends! If I didn't have a job I would probably turn into a "bed hermit" :)

    Can't wait to see how Sundae turns out!