Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Two Timing

This no crochet thing is really cramping my style.
Because of it I have kicked the first Peacock Sock to the curb and cast on for the second sock.
I was able to knit on the first sock during the ride home yesterday and it now has a 3 inch leg.
The problem is I did not measure or otherwise mark the amount of yarn used in the cuff attempt, which was half the point of that exercise (the other half being to see how it looked), and now I'm not sure how tall of a leg I can make.
So I've moved on until my hand is good and rested and then I'll just have to be patient and only do one round at a time or something.
I'm planning a knit lace cuff for the second sock so people could have a choice, so there shouldn't be a problem with finishing at least one of them.
(I've been using "so" entirely too much lately.)
Of course this is all out the door Friday when the Ravelympics start.
Not much progress was actually made on the second sock last night. The second ball of yarn had been used for swatching purposes originally. When I pulled the swatch out the yarn was all crinkly. I can't be bothered with wetting it and all, instead I just reballed it to get to the other tail.
I'm so wicked.

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  1. funny thing I've noticed is that most ravelers who've been afflicted with the Ravelympics bug are knitting like crazy on things that are going to be so put on hold on Friday. Hehe. Me, personally, I've knitted so fast before, trying to finish a few (A FEW!) things before Friday.