Monday, August 11, 2008

Stop Purling

Not that I have anything against purling, in general, but it really is a bad idea when you are supposed to be working a garter stitch band. (Because garter stitch, as we all know, is knit every stitch every row.)
Yes, I spent some quality time with my Nell sweater last night. I wanted to give my hands a rest from the little bitty needles and yarn I'm using for Sundae. Wouldn't be good to get sidelined from the Ravelympics with an injury!
To sew the buttons on I found a long strand hanging off the inside that was not in a place conducive to seaming. Wool Cotton is 4-ply, so I unraveled it and used the individual strands to sew the buttons on. Hello, perfect match.
Then I returned to fighting with the button hole band. During this time, Samson decided to sit with my—and flopped down on my sweater. I really don't know what he has against this poor sweater, this is at least the second time he's lain on it while I'm trying to work on it. Luckily this time he only got the sleeve, so I was able to rescue it and keep going.
Well, I made it through one button hole and the spent quite a while concerned that it was too small for my buttons. The pattern does not give a button diameter, it just says "buttons-5". Fat lot of help that is. And the button holes are made by k2tog, yo, so they are little. I've looked at the picture and those buttons look similar to mine, so in theory I'm ok. I just don't want the yarn around the button holes breaking down the line because I don't want to have to go through this again. (At this time I have a whole ball of yarn left over, so matching yarn for repairs shouldn't be an issue.)
However, my big Vogue Knitting book reminds me that knit button holes stretch so it's better to start out a little small. I decided to soldier forth, and realized I'd purled at least one row. I was able to pull back (it was, like one row, but I've had this random purling issue on these button bands before) and knit a few rows before bedtime.

The lace and bead section was indeed finished on Sunday. So today on the train I was able to head into the body, which is just calm knits, purls and yarn overs. And it's a nice regular pattern so I shouldn't need to have the printed pattern out.

Peacock Socks
Are getting a lot more attention than I was expecting. Before we went grocery shopping Sunday afternoon I put my two big projects in the dining room to keep them safe from the pups. After we got back, after lunch, I wanted to knit and the only thing in easy reach was my sock—because it was in my purse.
Now, I'm not saying it was bad to be working on my sock, but it's not part of the Ravelympics schedule.
Oh, and we have watched some of the athletic Olympics. We were watching soccer, and I must say that the bright, neon yellow shoes the one guy from Nigeria was wearing had me absolutely riveted. And we felt sorry for Japan for losing the match.

The rechargeable batteries are definitely shot. Now I have to decided if we should just use regular batteries or get another set of rechargeables (and figure out where to get rechargeables).
Regardless, looks like we're in for a thunderstorm, which isn't conducive to picture taking. And is even worse since I didn't listen to a weather report before leaving the house and don't have a raincoat or umbrella with me. sigh.

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