Sunday, August 10, 2008

HaHa, Fooled You

I'm so wicked.
If the posts on Thursday and Friday seemed a little odd syntax wise, it's because I figured out the scheduled post feature in Blogger and actually wrote those on like Monday or Tuesday.
See, on Wednesday night we left for the in-laws' in Up-State New York and didn't come home until Saturday afternoon. They only have dial-up so no computer time occurs while we're there. But since the point is to be visiting, it makes sense.
Anyway, we had a nice visit

Dateline: Lake Placid
Thursday we tried to hang out by the pool. I always think it's too cold to go swimming, but Hubby and Samson always jump in. Baru can't figure out the steps and that he is supposed to just start swimming, so he just wades. Hubby did carry Baru in at one point, but it didn't make him any braver.
Then the thunder started, which made us all flee inside.
Friday the weather wasn't looking any better. Hubby and I ditched the kids and went up to Lake Placid. We usually go over when we are up for Christmas, but extra visits are nice.
The town was very busy and I wondered if the start of the Summer Olympics was a factor, seeing as Lake Placid was the site of the Winter Olympics in 1932 and 1980. Of course, there is Mirror Lake right there, with swimming and paddle boats, so the town is a summer resort as well.
I made Hubby do the tourist thing, because of the Ravelympics I wanted Olympic themed pictures for the blog. He was like "what?" I was like for my blog! He humored me.
We had lunch in the Brown Dog cafe, taste sandwiches and Hubby got a nice glass of wine, but I don't remember which now. The bead place moved to the over end of town; we took a turn through, but I didn't make anything this time (I've done two sessions of making stitch markers in the past, but I know it is just torture for Hubby).
And we wandered through the Alpine Mall and got coffee and tea at the place at the very back. While Hubby was ordering/paying I made friends with the shop dog. When we left the dog got up and followed Hubby out in a rather single minded manner. She only made it as far as the door jamb before she was whistled back. Hubby was embarrassed, but it's not like it was our fault.
And, of course, we swept through the Olympic Center. We saw the ice were the "Miracle On Ice" hockey game took place in 1980 with the US beating Russia. (We still haven't seen that movie). There was a camp going on.
And we looked out the window at the speed skating rink, which obviously doesn't have ice at the moment. The temperature was around 65 degrees (F) and it did rain on us, but that is still too warm for ice. It was strange being inside where it was so cold, it might as well have been February outside for all you could tell.
On the way home we stopped and frolicked on the shores of Chapel Pond a bit. There was some interesting mushrooms, the water was very still and clear, and it was surprisingly quiet, considering there is a big road right next to it.
Then we went "home" and were reunited with our puppies.

I worked on the Peacock socks a little bit, waiting for the kick-off of the Olympics. As soon as I woke up Friday, I got out my Sundae stuff and started knitting. I'm getting the hang of the lace and beads. The pattern is really simple, but I'm glued to the chart and keep loosing my place (although I haven't messed up). I have to let go and trust the pattern that I see developing. I'm hoping I can finish this section today (Sunday) and then I'll be on more straight forward knitting for the train tomorrow.
I'm really glad I moved the beads around the other day. They are heavy and it's a pain to keep stopping to push them down out of the way.
The heel was turned on the Peacock Sock last night. We were watching Paranormal State, which is a show you have to keep an eye on, and it wasn't conducive to lace and beads.
No progress on Nell, which is why it is a WIP!

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  1. Ooh - that definitely looks like a challenging project for the Olympics. It will be fun to watch it grow. Enjoy your travels.