Monday, August 25, 2008

It's Over

The Ravelympics, that is. As well as the normal Olympics.
You will notice I did not say "It's Done" or "It's Finished" which might have implied that I had actually completed one of my projects. Which I have not.
I think this officially means I'm a looser I tried my best, gave it a valiant effort, etc.
The deadline was on Sunday at 8 a.m. or noon, I'm not really sure. I kind of lost interest when I realized I wasn't going to make it :-) and I had some other stuff going on (which I save for another post) that took precedence.
The Nell Sweater is in the same state you last heard—one and a half sides seamed, button hole band still only up to the first hole. sigh. It's a WIP (Work in Progress) for a reason.
I got a little further on Sundae. By, oh, Friday night I had the fronts at 27cm to match the back, which was the start of the armhole and neckline shaping.
All this time I've been working the fronts simultaneously, which I believe I mentioned in a previous post. But when I got to the shaping, I was totally flummoxed by the "reverse to match" directions for the right front. So I abandoned it and continued with the left, figuring it would be easy enough to catch it up and then work them together again for the "27cm on these 5 sts" bit for the straps.
I've "reversed shaping to match" on other patterns. I think I just hit this late at night, there was shaping on both ends, and the decreases weren't at the same rate. So trying to remember every row on one end and every other row on the other and doing it all on the wrong side for the one piece was just a bit too much. Really, you should have seen me trying to figure out why my yarn was in the wrong place when I cast off for the arm hole on the one piece. Oh, that's right, this one is done on the purl side.
The shaping on the left piece is just about finished after the train ride this morning. I've decided to stick with working on Sundae for now. I'm blowing off the end of Summer of Socks. I know, scandalous, but I already missed one deadline, I don't want to miss another!

My Other Weekend Activity.
I spent most of Sunday curled up on the couch with Hubby's laptop, one or the other dog (both of whom were annoyed that I was sitting on their end of the love seat), and the Learn HTML in a Weekend book from the library.
Oh my gosh, HTML is soooo cool! It's like this secret language that is actually just out there for anybody to learn. I made it through the basic tutorial, so I haven't reached the really cool and complicated stuff yet, but so far I'm like, "They pay people thousands of dollars to do this? Sign me up!"
During the tutorial I typed what looked like gibberish into a TextEdit Document, then I opened it in Safari (default browser) and not only did it look like something—it looked like it was supposed to! And then I learned hypertext links! Wow!
The feeling was like when you first learn to read patterns or charts. You follow these codes or squiggly lines and manipulate your yarn and suddenly you have lace or Fair Isle or even just a sweater. And people think you are so cool.
Anyway since I only know the bare minimum so far, I haven't really unleashed my new HTML powers on the blog yet. But I did put in a link to jump to the top of the page. So if you find yourself at the very bottom of the blog for some reason, you don't have to mouse or scroll all the way up anymore. Which, I personally, found annoying.
Ok, I'll try to get pictures of Sundae tonight. In the mean time, I need to do something productive work-wise.

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  1. We don't need no stinking deadlines! Our knitting is supposed to be fun, remember? Forget the deadline and just have fun. Besides you make so many gold medal projects that we don't care when you cross the finish line. Happy knitting and having fun.