Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This morning I put hot water in my cup, but no tea leaves.
Then I got to the train station and realized my shirt was inside out. (One of the other women at the office says that is supposed to be good luck for the day.)
Both situations were easily remedied, but it was a rough start to the morning. I mean, really, the puppies couldn't have said something about my shirt while we were playing fetch?

Is coming along nicely. As of this morning the back measures 17cm. The goal is 27cm. Which is shorter than I was expecting, but then there aren't pictures of the back in the book. Oh well, as long as everything is covered, right?
There has been no progress on Nell.
There has also been no progress on the camera battery situation. Unlike my tea and top, it is not as easily remedied because it requires me to both think and leave the house, neither of which activity interests me very much at the moment.

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