Friday, August 1, 2008

Bored and Pathetic

Warning, major whining ahead.
I should have known better. In fact, I do know better. But I couldn't resist the siren song of my yarn.
And now my wrist really hurts. And I have only myself to blame.
I resisted on the train ride home, but knitting/crocheting is how I relax after dinner. I was trying to be good. Instead of actually working on the sock I started transcribing the doily pattern to suit my needs, writing down stitch and space count for each round, etc.
Then Samson decided to snuggle. And we've already established I can't resist my puppies.
Now Baru sits with me on the couch. He curls up on my feet and puts his head on the arm rest. Some times he stretches out, but he basically doesn't interfere with my activities.
Samson sits on me. He puts his butt down by my feet and his head in my lap and gets attitude if my yarn or project tickles his ears. After all he was there second.
So writing was not possible.
First I knit a few rows. Things were fine. Then I couldn't resist any longer.

Doily Goes Down
I had to figure out how to make the cuff smaller. First I yanked out the last 3 rows.
Between the pineapples are columns of 2 treble, ch 2, 2 treble sets. On row 5 an additional ch 2, 2 treble pair is added (putting 6 trebles and 2 ch-2 spaces in one space). This is where the pattern really flared out and started getting taller than the pineapples. cuff1 close
So I reworked one row without the extras. It helped, but the columns were still taller.
I've decided to drop the columns down to double crochets instead. (and remember, these are all American terms.) It will make them shorter, but shouldn't affect the pineapples, which are all single crochets and chains.
Last night and went ahead and yanked back to the first round. I'm going to leave the first round made up of treble crochets, I don't think it will harm anything.

But, oh, that train ride is long
And now my left wrist is seriously sore and I had to get out the wrist support thing and everything is asking me what's wrong. sigh.
Which all means the only thing I could do on the train this morning was sit and be pissy. Well, I was listening to music, looking out the window, and being pissy. But still. Really makes me appreciate how knitting and crocheting helps pass the time.
Oh, and I thought I would be slick and dug out my poor neglected TipToe Socks so I could weave in the ends on the train. No dice. The pinching/holding position to stabilize the sock is too similar to the position my hand is in when I crochet.
To add insult to injury, I'm listening to a book on my iPod. I transferred the CDs to my desktop and then into iTunes. This is allowed, the company's website even had tips. Anyway, the discs didn't transfer over quite right. So all the tracks on all the discs are just labeled in order from 1 to 99. To avoid confusion I'm only synchronizing one disc at a time. And disc two ran out on the ride home yesterday. grrr. But I'm all loaded with disc 3, so the ride home tonight shouldn't be as bad.

Eavesdropping is Wrong
The guy sitting across from me on the shuttle bus yesterday was on his cellphone talking about baseball trades that I knew Hubby would be interested in. But Hubby hadn't called me, so I called him. Then I had to tell him that I was calling because I overheard that guy's conversation, which I'm sure the guy heard. Hubby said he watched ESPN until the 4 o'clock trade deadline, didn't see anything and switched to Voyager. Then he switched back and saw what the guy had been talking about. Hubby said it was only announced like 5 minutes ago, so he was surprised the guy on the bus knew. Anyway, the news made Hubby happy, so it was worth it.
But I have to be more subtle in the future.

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  1. Awh. Pain sucks, doesn't it? With crochet, my left pinkie goes numb and I have acquired a very large ganglion cist on my wrist. I usually can't use very bulky yarn anymore because my lower back starts hurting. With knitting, it's all about my neck. I've gone days where I can't do anything and it definitely feels like someone took your ice cream cone away! Just remember - ice on new injuries, heat on old injuries, and Advil for the swelling. Here's to hoping your back in business soon! - Daniele