Thursday, August 21, 2008

Note To Self

The next time I decide to do some challenge that has me finishing a project in 20 or less days (fewer days? Where's my AP Stylebook....great clear as mud now. "fewer" might actually be the correct choice because I'm referring to individual days. anyway.) make sure the project you select requires big needles. I'm talking no smaller than US8. This fingering weight yarn on US1 business is just nonsense. Unless the project is going to be a sock.
Wait, why wasn't I smart like some other Ravelympians who chose socks for their projects?
Oh, that's right, I already know I can knit a pair of socks in two weeks. It wouldn't have been a challenge. drat.
As you can probably guess, things are looking grim for actually meeting either of my Ravelympic goals—finishing Nell or making Sundae.
As such, the next question is whether I persevere with Sundae or put it aside and go back to socks.
Because, of course, missing the Ravelympic goals has the double whammy of all that lost Summer of Socks 2008 time. The amount of time the Peacock Socks were taking combined with the start of the Ravelympics meant I didn't finish a sock during the last two week time frame. And now we are in the last two weeks of the whole KAL. September 1 is the last day of Summer of Socks 2008!
Which all means I can't even say, "Oh well, I missed out on the end of Summer of Socks, but at least I finally made Sundae."
In any event, I'm considering getting out the last ball of Jitterbug and trying to get a pair of socks done before Sept. 1. But I have to see how the mood takes me.
At the moment, I have to finish eating my lunch.

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  1. I don't think I'm going to get any of mine done either. I forgot that it's over for me on Sunday, the 24th at 8:00 a.m. I thought I had all day on Sunday. Nope. I chose to make socks too, except for me it was two pairs... DOH! AND almost two pounds of fiber for spinning.....

    Anyway, you and I are both winners in my book! We will cross the finish line, just late. Go eat your lunch.

    P.S. - What KAL are we doing after September 1st? he he he