Monday, August 18, 2008

An Effort at Distraction

Top 5 songs by play count on my iPod:
Paralyzer by Finger 11—23
Jump Around by House of Pain—16
Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva—16
Who Can It Be Now? by Men At Work—13
Moondance by Van Morrison—12

What this says to me: I have to get more Bowie and some Tesla on this thing already.
What it says to you: I have strange taste in music and must not have done much knitting over the weekend.

Actually, you are half right. I do have strange taste in music. But I did get knitting—and seaming!—done. However, I'm fighting with Flickr and Blogger about how pictures show up, got annoyed and abandoned the post I started yesterday.
We'll see what happens tonight.

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