Monday, August 25, 2008

Things That Need Blocking

sundae fronts
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Here are the Sundae fronts, as promised.
I might have to undo the last decrease row. I squinted at the bigger pictures in the book and the lace pattern is supposed to continue up the straps.
Since the pattern didn't specify, I was doing my decreases one stitch in from the edge and "full fashioned" so they follow the slope of the edge and make the nice line that develops in that situation.
But because of working the decreases that way I wasn't able to work the lace on my last decrease row. I think it would look goofy to switch back to the lace and leave that row eyeletless.
However, this is a concern for the morning, it's bed time and I still have to iron my clothes for tomorrow.

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  1. Poor Baru! He must have been beside himself until the roof was done. I remember Paul having to pick up one of our dogs, Dingo, after a vet visit and get him into the back of the pick-up. He did not want to jump up in there. He was 170 pounds. Needless to say that passers-by got an eye full of Paul trying to hoist (little by little) Dingo into the back of the truck. It appeared to be some type of compromising position, if you know what I mean! :)

    Sundae looks great! I like using the full fashioned decreases too. Hope it all comes together.

    Yarn diet? No yarn diet here...... yet, anyway.... I'm sure it's coming.