Thursday, August 14, 2008

Traveling Ann, Destroyer of Knitwear

This is a pair of socks I made in class when Nancy Bush came to Knitting Central, oh, sometime last year.
I used Zara yarn because we were supposed to have a DK weight so we'd see progress during the day. They were a little thick for shoe socks, so I wore them as slippers and bed socks.
They came to a bad end last weekend. sigh.
This is the second pair of bed socks I've killed—the first pair being the ruffled ones you never saw that I made out of Taj Mahala and then turned into my first pair of Top Down Fingerless mitts.
I do have some of this yarn leftover. In theory I could reknit the heel.
You won't find this pattern in a book. During the class she explained that she doesn't have the rights to most of her books and individual patterns, so she can't use them to teach a class. We all agreed that sucked. I think that policy is changing in many places.
I believe it falls under property rights (intellectual maybe, I just got home from work, my brain isn't functioning) and it is something designers and writers have to keep an eye on to see who "owns" the work in the end.
For my Top Down Fingerless Mitt pattern being published in the One Skein book I retain all the rights, so I can still do other things with it. yipee.

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  1. Oh no! I hate it when knitting comes to a tragic ending like this. Maybe Knitting Central should teach a darning class. I bet we all have some socks in a similar state of wear.