Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Puppy Maintenance

Hubby took the boys for their annual check-up yesterday. They are both basically healthy, which is good, since we will now have to eat one because we can't afford to buy groceries for the rest of the month.
I'm thinking Baru, he's younger, so hopefully he will be more tender. The best course of action will probably be stewing one of his legs, that will stretch the meat to more meals while allowing us to keep him around.
You do realize, of course, that the preceding was both an appalling and tacky joke on my part. We would never eat our puppies, we love them too much. But, seriously, I don't remember vet bills being this high when I was younger—or when I had cats.
Samson has an ear infection, which I have to image is related to all the swimming (supervised and unsupervised) that he did at my in-laws. We couldn't always get to him to dry him off. He got his ears flushed and has drops now. And he got his shots.
He was very clingy last night. Kept complaining that his butt hurt (from the shots) and his ears felt yucky. He didn't appreciate it when I told him he smelled like a hospital. Basically he wanted his mommy, so he spent the night snuggled up to me on the couch.
Baru is now an 80 pound porker (up from 76 last year!), which the vet said was fine. He gets this rash in his groin, it looks like dirt or bruises, but it doesn't seem to bother him. Last year the vet said it was bacterial(!). A course of antibiotics cleared it up, and then it came right back. Now the vet says he doesn't know what it's from, but it's probably not his all natural diet, so we should examine his environment for irritants. And he provided a $40 bottle of Ultra EFA supplements, twice a day in his food, which should be good for his skin. It smells a little fishy, but Baru will eat anything.
We looked at the ingredients. It's all Omega-3 and -6 and GLA and zinc. All the stuff in our own vitamins and a little more. Shoot, we should take it to make our own fur soft and shiny. In fact every so often I would give them one of our Omega complex vitamins, or an E, but I guess I didn't do it frequently enough.
This has also prompted me to be more diligent about giving them their brewer's yeast. I should cook them some oatmeal to mix things up a bit too.
This morning Samson was much perkier, practically his regular self. I think he was just looking for sympathy last night.

sundae back fronts

This photo of Sundae is from over the weekend. I've progressed since then. The fronts now measure about 12cm each. Baru stopped by to check things out.sundae and baru
And do you see what I mean about the pictures? The one at the top was up loaded from my desktop. These other two were pulled over from Flickr. I want the text to wrap!
ok, calm down, maybe spend some time with the library book?
Instead of reading the library book last night I worked on Nell some more. I did the other side seam (hem to armpit) in like half an hour. Or at least it felt that fast. I was very surprised. Now I just have to do the final sleeve seam—then conquer the button band.
It sounds so simple.
Here's hoping my head holds up. phooie.


  1. PRETTY puppies! Isn't it amazing how much the vet stuff costs now? I need to wait for our puppy to get a bit bigger before we have her for dinner. She's only 10 weeks (tomorrow) so if we are going to get our money's worth, she needs more time to grow, lol.

  2. And I just noticed that in the bottom photo, it looks like your sweater is smiling!