Monday, June 9, 2008

Caught Red Pawed

(Samson is on the left and Baru is on the right.)
Ok, I can't resist telling the puppy story.
When it comes to theft/destruction by the puppies we have long suspected that A) Samson was the ringleader, B) the theft/destruction occurs shortly after I leave the house.
Hubby saw pretty good confirmation of those theories this morning.
He didn't have to go to school today (commencement was Friday, this is exams week and his exam is tomorrow).
So I got up at 6, fed the pups, got ready, played fetch and gave them Milkbones as usual. I left at 7 to catch the train and Hubby was still sleeping.
When I got the station--10 minutes later--he called. He said he woke up when I left the house and could hear some rustling downstairs. Baru was in the bedroom with him. So they headed downstairs at a quick pace and...he caught Samson in the Green Room with his face buried in the Cheerios!
Now, it took us a while, but we finally learned to put tempting items away so the puppies couldn't steal. But I had a moment of brain freeze, and Hubby was just upstairs, and I left the box of Cheerios on the kitchen island. Hubby reported that the box was torn up, the bag was torn open and Samson looked like a raccoon with the bag between his paws.
Hubby says Samson also looked terribly shocked/surprised when he entered the room, so we think Samson must have forgotten Daddy was still home! (Usually Hubby leaves first.)
The good thing is there can be no doubt in Samson's mind why he was being yelled at.
Now, the only question that remains is whether Samson shares his spoils with Baru. Obviously he didn't in this case since Baru was upstairs. That question may never be answered.

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  1. ah, hahahaha!

    That's hilarious. I have three such creatures in my house. They all know it's wrong to dig in the trash, drag the yarn about, tear up paper, etc. They don't care. They, too, do it when they think they're alone and only one of them really acts cowed when caught.

    Your pups are adorable! We had a spaniel for a while and he was a great dog.

    mebellus on teh ravelry