Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kitchener This

I finally finished the first of my Joy of Charlene socks last night. I had to mess with the toe a little. My first attempt at a short row toe didn't reach all the way around, so I had to pull back, knit a few more rounds on top and bottom, knit a few rows just on the sole and then work the toe again.
Although technically the instep/top rows and the sole rows were equal, when I had the sock on the sole was pulling back toward the heel and looked two rows short. So, although it made a little gap, I worked two rows before starting the toe to bring them up even. Then I short rowed down to 6 live stitches before swinging back out. I also ended up working one round even for reasons I can't remember, even though this was all just last night. But I was tripped out on migraine medicine, so I can't be held responsible. I think I was worried that it looked a little short/tight still.
Then I kitchenered the 24 sts shut. It's a good thing I A) don't hate the kitchener stitch like a lot of knitters seem to, B) went through a sock knitting phase that allowed me to memorize the motion so I don't have to always look it up or refer to directions. Heck I even stopped at one point to take this picture. Aren't I brave? Or is that crazy? I left myself a plenty long tail for the seaming.
Anyway, it fits lovely now. I was concerned that there was some slack in the top and didn't know how that would come into play when it was all closed up, but it seems fine.
Then I spent some time trying to re-write my pattern so it was comprehensible. I have a little note book with a metal cover I carry in my purse. I write my patterns in there. So when things are under development there are cross outs and strange explanations. In this case I wrote a pre-Vegas to-d0 list on the next page so that is in the middle of the pattern.
Anyway, I managed to cast on and knit a few rows of ribbing this morning after breakfast. I'm expecting this second sock to go much faster since I've worked all the kinks out.
But now, I must get a move on. I'm working at the store today.

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  1. Ooh la la - look at the that lovely Cuban Heel. Gorgeous socks. Well done.