Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Although I made the sock fit, it was bugging me to know that something wasn't quite right.
So I e-mailed Cynthia and asked her to pass my issue on to Charlene. And Charlene e-mailed me back!
I don't know why I continue to be surprised when these fancy, published knitting gurus respond to me. (I had previously e-mailed Lucy Neatby about her garter stitch short row heel and also got a response.) I guess I think of them as celebrities and you don't expect to hear from celebrities. But I guess they are different kinds of celebrities than movie star celebrities and part of a knitting celebrity's thing is to get out in the public and pass on their knowledge. Part of it probably goes back to the fact that knitting was a communal activity once upon a time and let's make the sweeping, unfounded generalization that most knitters (and crocheters) are nice people.
And did I ever mention how I want to make a blouse from Interweave Knits but the smallest size is just a little too big for me. So I tracked the designer down on Ravelry and told her I needed to drop two inches and what I was thinking. And she e-mailed me back confirming my plan and with a discussion of how it would effect the arm and neck shaping. It was sooo cool. I really need to cast on for that already.
Anyway, when I e-mailed I was trying to think of a way to remind her which one I was so I mentioned my pink and purple yarn. Not only did she remember not liking my yarn (snicker) but she remembered I went to the prom! Which hadn't even occurred to me when I was looking for triggers. Which is silly considering the fuss I caused about it.
Anyway, it sounds like my sock problem is related to me being a ninny and following a class pattern, which is based on a 16 st sock, too closely. (I'd like to point out I'm calling myself a ninny.)
She said after I turn the heel I should have been back to 24 sts across needles 1 & 2, which would match the 24 sts on needles 3 & 4 and return me to my original stitch count. I, however, had stopped the heel turning process after I used up all the stockinette stitches that were added during the heel increases (those located between my markers). Apparently I was supposed to continue working the short rows until I had used up all 44 stitches on needles 1 & 2. Which makes sense and means I didn't have to do all the fooling with the pattern on the ends of Ns 1 & 2. And answers my question of not having enough stitches in stockinette stitch for the entire sole.
Currently I'm about 10 rows into the heel increases on sock 2. Obviously I'll be working this longer heel turn. Of course that means the socks won't match. But only the puppies and my feet should notice. (Well, ignoring the fact I just told the world.)
My current plan is also to be strong and not pull out sock 1.

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  1. My current plan is also to be strong and not pull out sock 1.

    My first pair of socks, knit on the recommended needles, fit my dad's size 13 feet, not my small (in comparison) size 8s. I was going to give them to him, until I saw the dropped stitch, right in the middle of the instep. I'm dithering. Do I keep the socks because they are my first pair, or do I rip 'em out and make 'em fit me? As time goes by and I have a useless pair of socks mocking me, I get closer to ripping....