Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Doing Math Was an Option

Which kind of blows, doesn't it?
I mean, I got into this craft for the notions and the yarn, not so I could crunch numbers. Sheesh, I stopped liking math sometime around high school geometry.
But applying the row gauge information I diligently wrote down to some new measurements of my foot might have prevented me from needing three attempts to get the heel correct on my current sock.
(Yeah, pictures, they would probably be helpful.) The current sock is out of Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn in the Elderberry colorway. I'm working it toe-up, which I recently realized, I don't usually do. In fact, I think I've only done one pair toe-up, the second pair I ever made.
Don't get me wrong. I like toe-up. I've advocated for toe-up. I just haven't used it much. So I don't have an idea of the depth to work the foot before starting the heel.
Which is odd, considering part of the point of going toe-up is that you are supposed to be able to try it on.
Cuff down, on the other foot, for those I know where I want the sock to reach on my foot/toes before I start the toe decreases.

Back to the Heel

Despite the number of times you have read me typing that I don't like short-row heels, I'm working a short-row heel. And I was trying the sock on. And the needles were reaching the front of my ankle, but the sock kept coming up short meaning I really had to stretch it to get it over my heel. (Cinderella much?) Which makes me kind of glad I wasn't trying to do a reverse heel flap. That would have been really annoying to pull out and rework. And I wouldn't know where to begin.
Well, actually, I'd probably compare it to a top down sock and try to start the gusset where the other gusset ends...
Anyway, my heels seem to be going in threes recently, so the third attempt was finally long enough. Snug but not to tight. (Oh, I was using a lifeline on the row before I started the heel shaping so when I had to pull back, tada, the kite string was there to catch the stitches.)
Right, pictures. Well the yarn is dark so I would need good sunlight to get a good shot and the train was late yesterday...

About the Cuff

However, I've given over on the sock leg for the moment. I want this pair to have a lacy cuff that folds over. I'm inspired by a doily I crocheted a few years ago (2004?). (A single doily. Doesn't work very well for having doilies under both living room lamps.) After I conquered the heel last night I dug the doily pattern out. Now I'm trying to figure out where to start in the pattern to get the portion I want.
People on the train this morning must have been wondering what I was doing today. Sitting there with a pamphlet, an ecru doily, my yarn and a crochet hook, trying to find the place on the doily that the pattern was referring too. I got two and a bit repeats this morning. I think I need to figure out how many touch points I need on the cuff of the sock to determine positioning. If I can get three repeats in it will probably work, otherwise I'll have to start at a different point in the pattern. Or, possibly, find a different pattern to use. Because, since I'm starting in the middle of the pattern, it is referring to working this stitch in that space. Spaces I don't have. So I had to guess and just work in different parts of the chain as I move around it.
In case you are wondering, I'm not working this attempt onto the top of the sock in its current state. I went to the other end of the ball and made a foundation chain. What I want to know (other than repeats and positioning) is how many yards the lace cuff will use, which will guide how tall I can make the sock. Of course I must also consider the possibility that if the cuff ends up hanging down 3 or so inches and I can only work a 2 inch leg, that might not work. And it would also really suck if I ran out of yarn before I ran out of lace. At least I already divided the original skein in half.

Speaking of weighing yarn
Blue Jitterbug=36g, Purple Jitterbug=34g, Sol Joy=24g and Sanctuary=5g. The Purple Jits took 76 grams to make, so I have plenty in these scraps for another pair. And I have a whole unused skein of the Mardi Gras Jitterbug that can contribute to the cause as well. Hmm, I wonder how the Madelintosh Glazed Sock Yarn compares to Jitterbug gauge wise?
Ok, I'm just thinking aloud now. Actually I was thinking aloud somewhere around the lace cuff discussion.

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