Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One Done

I finished the first Purple Jitterbug Sock last night.
After taking another look at my notes I determined it was ok I was on row 47. The toes on the Blue Jitterbug socks were decreased to 3 sts each needle, which I've since decided is too pointy. Now I decrease all my toes to 5 sts each needle. This also fits in nicely with having established guidelines for certain sock elements to make them a little more brainless—15 rows of ribbing, stockinette stitch heel flaps, toes decreases at the same rate to 20 sts.
So the two rows I lost at the tip of the toe since I didn't decrease as much just when into the foot. And the fit seems quite nice.
No picture because I only put the batteries in to recharge right before bed. If I hadn't needed the flash I might have had a fighting chance, but I would have needed the flash. I think the batteries are reaching the end of their life expectancy. We did get them three years ago when we bought the camera for Hubby's trip to Japan.
I did cast on for the second sock last night and worked around 10 rows of ribbing before bedtime.
Knitting progress has slowed the last few days. Over the weekend my left wrist was tweaky, so I laid off in order to give it a chance to rest and recover. Then every day so far I've driven to work. Monday I was anticipating a migraine that, thankfully, didn't materialize and I wanted the escape route. Tuesday I had to stay home for breakfast because my mom and Aunt K showed up unexpectedly Monday night. They live 4 hours away, but they still manage to "drop in" regularly. Ah, we weren't doing anything. They had been vacationing up in Canada so we were on the way home. Then today the morning fell apart, and I still don't trust that my head won't betray me.
All in all, it cuts into the knitting time. Good thing I'm not working on anything complicated or on a deadline.

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