Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Is It Still Wrong If It Fits?

It's a good thing I'm already married. I made Hubby take this (during a Yankees game, the nerve!). Happily the only reason he batted an eye when I said "Take a picture of my feet" is because he was engrossed in the game.
I turned the heel of sock 2 on the train ride home. I must knit faster if I'm going to finish these for the first Summer of Socks 08 bi-weekly drawing.
Sock number one is on the right, you can see it is a little narrow but it has that cute diamond on the bottom from the decreases.
Sock number two is on the left and looks like a normal sock. Fits like a normal sock too, so far at least.
My mutant heel fits, but as I said the heel pocket is narrow so it's good I have small feet. And of course I've already discussed the issue of the sole drawing in. Knowing the correct turn saves me from this. But I was wondering if extending the rate of increasing or decreasing would address these issues. The increases are worked every other row, so say I did them every third row, that would make the pocket bigger. Also what if I had done the decreases on the sole after the turn more gradually instead (or as well)? That would effect the fit of the sock by introducing slack into various areas.
I suppose it is something I could fool with—after Summer of Socks 08 is over. Oh, sure, it's all about sock knitting right now, but there is also the consideration of the speed needed to keep up with everyone else. Boy am I glad I didn't enter the most socks contest!
Back to sock number 2. Assuming it is going to fit like a normal sock now, I'm not sure whether I should do a normal toe or do a short row one again to get them to match to some degree. It's not a comfort issue, since I kitchenered the toe shut there is no ridge to worry about, although it was a pain to do it for so many stitches.
There is also the wild card that was introduced when Charlene responded to my response with a way to knit the toe shut instead of kitchenering it. I might have to do a short row toe just to try it out.
Now the question is, how far will I get during the commute tomorrow? I will have to do a bunch of measuring and counting to line up the two socks considering all my row and pattern counts I used on the first one are pretty much out the door since I turned the heel differently.
But at the moment, it's bed time, so the socks will just have to wait.

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