Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wow, That's Huge

The crocheted cuff came out a little bigger than I expected.
From the center to the long point is 4 inches. gulp. The pineapple, which is what I was really after, is a respectable 2 inches.
As you can see, I wisely stopped before the fan bit at the end.
Sadly, I can't try it on to see whether it might look good on a leg because the foundation chain and single crochet row is too tight to go over my heel. Which gives me doubts about the sock top.
I'm thinking, maybe, if I can tone down the in between long part, that might help matters. Maybe if I stick with the 2 treble pairs without expanding them on the last 3 rows that will keep the length more in line with the pineapples.
Those long bits, at the very end at least, are actually the beginning of the big pineapples.
Alternately, I can take another look at the calendar. There was a pineapple pattern in there that had rows of straight up double crochets around the pineapples. But it looked like only one pineapple and the base was 22 + something, so it would have taken a lot of fiddling to get it to work. But I might be able to hijack some of the principles behind it.
The sad part of this prototype is that I'll be yanking it out eventually. However, that will be in aid of working it onto the sock for real, so it will be a noble sacrifice.

Train Chatter
One of the other knitters came over on the ride home to see what I was up to. Apparently they were aware that I had been working on a sock and I was obviously not working on a sock at the moment.
I explained the cuff idea.
She declared the bit I had done (two rows shy of what you see) lovely and expressed the opinion that the socks would be cool/pretty. So at least I'm not totally off base. Unless she was just being polite.
Unless I'm being paranoid because it's bed time and I'm sleepy.

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