Monday, June 9, 2008

Hi There!

Holy Smokes!
I was going to tell a funny puppy story, but I've changed my mind. If you stopped by for my Felted Ravelry ID Bag, it's in the next post down. :-)
Yeah, so majorknitter ( found my finished bag in my projects. I was just letting it sit there quietly, but she pointed it out on the main board and on the Knitting Central board. (blush, giggle)
As of press time, 33 people have marked it a favorite and it's been viewed around 150 times in Ravelry--and my lame little blog has received almost 600 visits. Wow! I'm flattered. :-)
Almost makes me glad I was slacking with the updates, considering you've all been looking for the bag.
I just want to point a few things out that I didn't mention in the post with the bag pattern. At this point it might be too late, or it might not matter (since people might not read it here).
Anyway. The Ravelry Logo is protected by copyright, it belongs to Casey and Jess (the creators of Ravelry) and you should not run off and do commercial things with it for your own profit. Ravelr Phoenix got permission from Casey and Jess to make the chart and post it with Creative Commons coverage. I made up the structure of the bag from my own fevered imagination. It was a bear to make and I don't intend to make more. Frankly, now that the Ravelry store is open, it would probably be quicker and easier for you to buy an official canvas bag (although maybe not a fun since it would hold your knitting/crocheting but not require any).
Of course you shouldn't use the combination of my pattern and her charts to attempt to mass produce these bags. In addition to being wrong, it wouldn't be very nice. :-)
But despite all that, I hope you enjoy my pattern. It would be very amusing one day to run into someone who had made one too!
[Hey, since you're already here...leave me a comment! Please? :-) ]

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  1. Fellow raveler here (ajdury) and I haven't even gotten to your actual bag post yet!

    You asked for comments, so here's one for you.

    Can't wait to see this Wonder Bag everyone's buzzing about!