Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wait, That Can't Be Right

I was about 10 rows into the foot of my Joy of Charlene sock when it occurred to me the 12 extra stitches left over from the heel meant I had a 60 stitch foot. Which was going to be way big. And there wasn't any gusset decreasing to make them go away.
It is starting to dawn on me that maybe I should have followed a published pattern which incorporates a Cuban Heel to get a better grip on the construction before I went running off making a pattern up.
I started a topic about my issue in one of the Charlene Schurch groups on Ravelry, but I've had no responses. I guess this isn't a popular heel.
Then this morning I was like "What the heck, it's just a sock" so I pulled back to my lifeline (phew!) and decreased two stitches every other row until the extra stitches were gone. (I even did paired decreases so the lines meet in the middle.) I also transitioned the pattern out on the 24 stitches that are on the bottom/sides of the foot. On my Cat's Pajamas Socks I maintained the pattern down the side of the foot, but I think this pattern extends further and it was just easier to ditch it.
Now my concern is, when I was trying the sock on last night, the bottom of the sock was drawing in/back at the heel and was out of line with the instep. I hope it evens out by the time I get to the toe. I'm starting to wonder if a short row toe starting on the bottom part would allow me to make up the difference. Otherwise I'm going to have to rip way back and to a traditional heel flap until I can get some more guidance on this Cuban Heel. Still I pleased with the sock in general.

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