Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blog Anniversary?

Samson I see by my archives there that my first blog post was on Sept 13.

I didn't start blogging consistently until a few months later, but trying to select one of those date as my blog anniversary seems silly. Much easier to go with the incept date.

I haven't ever pointed out this date in the past, mainly because I don't usually remember it. I thought of it for some reason this year. That made me remember there was a puppy story that prompted me to start the blog, which I never shared with the blog. I just make reference to it in that second post on the first day.

So here goes.

For some reason a bunch of us were eating lunch together in the conference room and I was regaling them with a tale of the puppies recent destructive capabilities. Everyone was laughing. Someone said, "You should have a blog." When I got back to my desk, I started this one.

The Story That Started the Blog
We bought our house in 2005, but it took us two years to finally buy a home improvement guide book.

This was a long process. We spent quite a bit of time in the book store flipping through the offerings, comparing photos and text.

We finally decided on a $35 one from Reader's Digest. We thought it had the best pictures. It's a fairly large book.

We brought our treasure home and put it on the sofa table.

It sat on the sofa table, unharmed, for days. I mean days, maybe even a week.

Baru drinking Then one day, Hubby called me after school to report that the puppies had destroyed the book.

The thing must weight five or 10 pounds. I would weight it for you, but it's in the basement.

Samson took it off the sofa table, transported it across to the house to the green room (where all destruction takes place), and went to town on it.

Most of it was scattered around the green room, but parts of the cover had been transported to the bedroom as well.

It was incredible. You have to admire that kind of determination. The worst part was, most of the interior pages were unharmed, but the book was still too destroyed to keep.

This was not the first book they ate, and it wouldn't be the last, but I think it was one of the more expensive ones.

Well, aside from Hubby's school textbook they ate last year. At least we didn't have to pay for that replacement.

I Waited for That?
Ok, well, hmm, that story is much funnier in person. I can be very animated. It probably would have been funnier closer to the actual incident, when I remembered more of the details.

You'll have to trust me on this, my co-workers were howling.

It is also a reminder that despite how cute and charming they are, you shouldn't trust my dogs as far as you can throw them!

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  1. It was plenty funny! That he waited for almost a full week before taking the book to his "lair" shows that he thought about the consequences, and decided to take the book anyway. Either that, or maybe he thought you forgot about it after awhile??? Ha Ha!!