Monday, September 14, 2009

Yarn Diets Suck

No pictures today.

I've only been blogging for two years. You would think I'd remember to grab my camera if I know a potentially blog worthy event was taking place.

Or maybe you know me well enough by now that you wouldn't think that.


Trish from Tanglewood Fiber Creations was at Knitting Central this weekend.

I was working Sunday. The fact that I was working is probably why I didn't make the leap to bringing the camera.

Trish produces lovely hand dyed, hand spun yarn in eye popping colors. Her fibers are cashmere, cashmere/silk, cashmere/silk/angora, baby camel/silk, and yak/silk. Am I missing any? Well, you get the idea. And they all come with or without beads.

Really, it's enough to make a girl wonder how necessary it really is to pay the mortgage each month. Or maybe pay the mortgage but forgo food. Somehow I don't think Hubby would be on board with either plan. (Or would counter with a similar plan but involving wine.)

Fortunately, since this is only the second time Trish has visited the store, we were crazy busy and I was unable to engage with the yarn in the manner necessary to begin coveting a skein for myself.


Temptation Abounds
That doesn't mean I didn't see things I liked.

In fact, the biggest problem was that as soon as Trish saw me, she cornered me, and made me wear this absolutely adorable little cardigan out of her beaded baby camel/silk.

The sweater was designed by Melissa Leapman. It had horseshoe lace at the bottom with a st st yolk. As far as I know it was just a gift with purchase.

It looked adorable on me, if I do say so myself.

Then a little while later Trish remembered there is a matching hat. She plunked that on my head. It also looked adorable. In fact it was so adorable I liberated one of the patterns. Because I'm wicked and membership has its privileges (and she said it was ok).

I would like to point out that after a week of blustery, autumnal weather the weekend was sunny and 78 degrees (Fahrenheit, of course).

Now, I was appointed to wear this ensemble because I don't tend to overheat during the day like some of the other staff members do. And, happily, the air conditioners were cranked up, so I actually appreciated the sweater for most of the day.

But then around 3 pm I felt myself starting to space out. I took this as I sign I was finally starting to get warm. I reluctantly shed my camel layers. Ah, but it was fun for a time.

If you do want to see pretty pictures of the trunk show Major Knitter has some. She's working on some pretty socks using yarn and a pattern from Tanglewood.

I'll be stalking P's blog. She did think to bring her camera. She got a picture of the staff with Trish and me decked out in my camel finery. (Gee, I'm short.) I have to imagine she'll be posting about it soon.

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  1. I'm so jealous that you get to wear "wee little" things!

    And, as for the yarn diet, I'll say again it's a good thing that Paul is "in charge" of the money. We would be in debt and living in the subway if it was up to me. Although I would have lots of yarn... ha ha ;)