Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Book Review: Debbie Bliss Baby and Toddler Knits

DB Baby cover I have been totally slacking on the book reviews I'm supposed to be doing for CICO Books.

Bad Blogger!

So let's get back to it

Today we have Debbie Bliss Baby and Toddler Knits. (96 pages, 100 color photographs, $19.95, ISBN 978-1-906525-37-8)

If you don't know who Debbie Bliss is, you either haven't been knitting for very long, or you've been knitting in complete isolation.

She is a prolific British designer with her own yarn line; many, many books, pamphlets, and patterns to her name; and last year she even started a magazine.

Really, the woman must not sleep.

Which is good for people who like her patterns as she designs really cute stuff.

This book is a case in point. It has patterns ranging from a scarf with a Fair Isle design, to a cute little pleated dress, and a sweater with an interesting shawl collar. There are also booties, blankets, and some hats as well. Knitters of all skill levels should be able to find a pattern they can execute, as they range from a simple garter stitch cardigan to aran sweaters and many in between.

DB baby sweater I am rather enamored of this little double breasted number. The pattern is called "Baby Reefer Jacket and Hat."
(I see now that there is actually a better picture in the book I could have used. Oh well, you get the idea.)

One thing I like about this book is that while a number of the patterns call for her Baby Cashmerino yarn, which works at around 6.5 sts/inch, several of them call for DK weight yarn and have gauges of 5 or 5.5 sts/inch.
Meaning you might actually get the project done while the baby is still small!

It's a good book to have on hand. Especially if you have younger relatives who keep reproducing.

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